Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Hebrew Israelite Community is in the best of health!!!

"They have no cancer, they have no heart attacks and African states come to learn from them their secret of right living ."


The rumor on their health, the superb Community of the Hebrew Israelites is spreading rapidly. From all over the world, delegations are streaming to Dimona to experience and to reveal the secret for their healthy living. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is revealing the potential and assisting the Community in disseminating this good news: natural foods, sport and fasting every Shabat.

Is it being understood that the Hebrew Israelite Community has revealed and discovered the secret for health? If you're judging according to world statistics to Dimona, the answer is yes and positive.

The superb health of the Community of the Hebrew Israelites contrary to what is being said in the world, it is a fact that the Community has no illnesses of cancer or aids, is not overcome with heart attacks and is not suffering with high blood pressure and is stimulating and arousing major curiosity amongst the population.

Mainly in many of the African states , amongst them is South Africa, Ghana, Central African Republic and Benin already have sent and launched delegations to the stronghold of the Dimona Community to experience and reveal their secret. Some of the ministries of health that have been referred to the Israeli embassies in their countries in request that they put them in contact with the Community in order that they are able to benefit from this Model of Life.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is agreeing that they have a great interest in the Community being the health model for the world and being an example for
community villages living healthy lifestyles and being devoid of modern-day diseases.

And when the Ministry understood the huge and enormous potential, they decided to cooperate and participate, and today, they are assisting in marketing the Community to the world their Model of Life. And besides visiting delegations in the Holy Land, the Community is also carrying out activities with foreign ministries of information, mainly in Africa, and sharing much of their lifestyle in the subjects and topics on public health and preventive medicine.

On the situation of the Community's improved health, testimony of Emmanuel Ben Yehuda, person responsible for the Community's connection with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "in the 37 years that we are in Israel, we have had just one case of stroke and two cases of cancer. And no one has had a heart attack, and not ever one case of aids. Some medical centers in the U.S. have investigated the lifestyle of our Community and determined that we succeeded to triumph in being victorious over heart disease and problems of high blood pressure because of our healthy lifestyle."

Then what is their secret? According to spokesman Emmanuel, members of the Community eat natural foods, are commanders in doing sports and fasting one day in the week. Every member of the Community is obligated to get a massage or reflexology treatment at least once a month. The children stay away from sweets, the adults don't touch coffee or alcohol and very little usage of salt. The main nutrition comes from soya products, fruits, organic vegetables, grains and almonds.

"All diseases like cancer, aides, and heart disease are born out of the result of bad health habits," explains Emmanuel. "We presented to the African states that in changing your lifestyle, it is possible to cause these diseases to disappear." "We have already hosted African delegations that are requesting to learn how to benefits from our Health Model and we are very proud to be in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. We are proud as Israelis to assist in strengthening the connection and ties of Israel with developing states and countries in Africa and to instruct and to show the world the great abilities that we have established in Israel."

"Already today, there are thousands of people in Africa that have adopted our lifestyle. It is without a doubt a wonderful, glorious and terrific vessel and tool for these foreign countries to strengthen their relationships and this understanding with other countries in the world."

The Ministry of Health has stated that it is contributing to the editing and research in the subject of their health of the Community.

Dimona, Galil clinch first place in softball

Jerusalem Post Sport
In a busy week of ISA softball, the Dimona Mean Judeans clinched first place in the A Division by destroying the Galil Golan Plastic Products Twisters 17-1. The Twisters, in turn, clinched first place in the B Division by holding on to defeat a feisty Otzma Eilat team 14-13. On Wednesday, Dimona smacked one line drive and ground ball up the middle after another, and the Twisters' defense was sloppy, while fireballer Yaron Ben-Israel held the northerners to three hits. El Yaheed Ben-Israel had three hits and three runs, Ovade Ben-Israel knocked in five runs, Yaron and Emmanuel Ben-Israel each tripled and scored twice for the explosive Dimona offense. Jake Miller batted in the lone Twister run. Also on Sunday, Zion Tours led 4-2 and 6-4 on big hits from Noam Zwilling, Aviv Ya'akov and an inside-thepark homer by Benny Ruggill, but then Dimona pitcher Yaron Ben-Israel, with help from excellent defense, shut the door while his offense mounted a comeback. First baseman Yehuda Ben-Israel made several outstanding plays while going 2-2 at bat, El Yaheed Ben-Israel was outstanding at shortstop and 3-4 at the plate, and Ben Koliyah Ben-Israel had the game-winning RBI.

Firm selling land on the moon

Red Planet sales puts firm in pink - BBC News
Efforts to explore Mars are benefiting a Cornish website selling plots of land.

St Austell firm has been selling off chunks of the moon since 2000, when it bought the UK franchise for "land sales across the solar system" from American businessman Dennis Hope.
But now the announcement by US President George W Bush that the Moon is to be used as a stepping stone for a mission to Mars has excited a flood of interest in Martian property.
One-acre plots, which are soSue Williams from Moonestates said: "Dennis Hope realised there was a loophole in the United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967.
"That basically says that no country or government can lay claim to extraterrestrial land, but it forgot to say no person could.
"He basically filed his claim with the United Nations in 1980 and has been selling the land since.
"We've looked into it very carefully and this loophole does exist. Even ex-presidents of the United States Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter have become land-owners on Mars and the Moon, I believe."
She said there had been much interest in Mars, particularly since Britain's Beagle Two mission and America's Martian rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed.
However, not all of the planet is up for grabs. Dennis Hope said areas would be kept for the benefit of humanity.
Sue Williams said: "Sites of scientific interest have been put aside for all of mankind and Dennis isn't selling those."
But if anyone does buy a plot and wants to visit, they will have to prepare to wrap up warm as the temperatures drop to about -73C at midnight.
They will also have to their own air, as they will not be able to breathe the thin atmosphere.
But some customers have bought the plots as gifts.
Sue Williams said: "We have a lot of people who buy plots of the Moon for their partner.
"They say 'I promised them the earth, but at least I can give them a part of the Moon'."
The British National Space Centre said it was not aware of any complaints about the selling of land on the Moon and on Mars. ld with a deed, constitution, property map, mineral rights and a copy of the original Declaration of Ownership are being sold for about £20.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

High heels and your health

MSN Health By
Shoes are your passion. You love shopping for them, trying them on and — most of all — buying them. High heels are the mainstay of your professional image and a highlight of dressing for nights on the town.
But your feet don't feel so great, and they look even worse. Forced too often into the tight confines of the narrow toe box of your high heels, your toes have bent into an unnatural position. As a result, you've developed bumps and areas of thickened skin that rub painfully against your shoes. Are your beloved high heels the source of your foot problems?
In fact, they probably are. High heels are one of the biggest factors leading to foot problems in women. The other is age. Frequently wearing high heels, along with the natural changes in your aging feet, can set the stage for foot problems.
How aging affects your feet
Over time, your feet become wider and longer and the natural padding under your heel and forefoot thins. Years of standing and walking flatten your arches and stiffen your feet and ankles. When you wear high heels — shoes with a heel 2 inches or higher — your foot slides forward in your shoe, redistributing your weight, creating unnatural pressure points and throwing your body's natural alignment out of whack.
Foot problems associated with high heels-Click Here:Health and heels

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Grotesque scandal like a 'cheap horror movie'

Body-parts company spread disease, desecrated the dead for profit-Associated Press 6/13/06

It was Mastromarino who built a business that took from the dead and gave to the living. There are many legitimate businesses that do this, but authorities say Mastromarino’s company, Biomedical Tissue Services, was not one of them.
BTS, they say, secretly carved up hundreds of cadavers without the families of the deceased knowing about it, then peddled the pieces on the lucrative non-organ body parts market.
Even scarier: They say BTS doctored paperwork to hide the inconvenient fact that some of the dead were old and diseased. As a result, they say, the market was flooded with potentially tainted tissue, and an untold number of patients across the country may have received infections along with their dental implants and hip replacements.
And it might have gone on indefinitely — except for an innocent phone call made by a doctor in Colorado, and a detective’s chance visit to a funeral parlor. Read More: Grotesque scandal like a 'cheap horror movie'

Type 2 diabetes grows as public health threat

Nearly 15 million Americans have the disease; many cases preventable-Chief science and health correspondent-NBC News
Updated: 7:42 p.m. ET June 12, 2006
NEW YORK - Every day the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center is busy — with new and returning patients.
Director Dr. Robin Goland says its is a major problem in every hospital.
"Ten percent of patients on a medical service in a hospital have diabetes," she says. "Fifty percent of patients on a vascular surgery service have diabetes." Diabetes is the inability to metabolize sugar properly — so it builds up in the blood. Type 1, a genetic disease that usually strikes in childhood, is not increasing. The big change is with Type 2 — caused partly by obesity.
In just a decade, the number of Americans diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than doubled to 14.7 million and the government estimates more than 5 million others have it and don't know it. "These are people that have no opportunity to control the blood sugar, and these are people who find out about the diabetes when they discover a complication," says Dr. Garland. The complications include damage to the entire circulatory system — which in turn can cause heart attacks, blindness, loss of arms and legs, kidney damage and stroke. But it does not have to happen. After David Elkins was diagnosed two years ago, he lost 35 pounds and started exercising regularly. Now his blood sugar is normal.
"It's great to be able to feel like I'm in shape," he says.
A simple blood test can detect whether a person's blood sugar is moving toward diabetic level. Experts recommend that everyone 45 and older, obese or with a family history of diabetes, get the test.
Research released Monday suggests that if people find out they have slightly elevated blood sugar and make some modest lifestyle changes, millions of cases of diabetes could be prevented. See: Diabetes grows as public health threat Video

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Florida’s west coast under tropical storm watch

Tropical Storm Alberto, in Gulf of Mexico, could hit Tuesday-Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. - Most of Florida’s west coast was under a tropical storm watch Sunday as the first named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season spun over the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to bring heavy rain in the next few days.
By midday, Tropical Storm Alberto had maximum sustained wind near 45 mph, up 10 mph from early in the morning, but it was not likely to grow into a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said. Click Here: