Saturday, September 09, 2006

Special 2006 National Jerusalem Brotherhood Issue

By Keymah B. N. Aharon-KNN Cleveland

From Aug. 31st – Sept. 4th ,2006 the brothers of the African Hebrew Israelite Community held their annual International Brotherhood Conference. This year’s brotherhood conference was a remarkable event. It captured the essence and true spirit of brotherhood in the 7th realm of the Marriage. Various members of Kingdom Leadership address the brotherhood regarding the need for the brother to realize their true power and the need for the brothers to elevate to their required roles of the New World designers and definers. The speakers consisted of Sar Amiel, Sar Malahk, Prince Rham, and Prince Asiel just to name a few.

Nasik Asiel Addresses the Brotherhood

The brothers were blessed to have our mighty International Ambassador Prince Asiel address us. He spoke to the need for the brothers to conquer our fear of being who we were created to be. He told us that he could see our greatness but could we see it in ourselves. He told us that we were chosen to be the saviors and redeemers of the brothers and sisters around the world that were searching for truth. Prince Asiel’s discourse really caused the brothers to go within themselves and take an evaluation of weather we have lived up to our calling or not. He said that we were in the season of expansion in the Kingdom of Yah and the brother must make that happen. All the brothers in attendance vowed to make this happen. Prince closed by saying that all of those that stayed true to their vow would be blessed, and everyone who didn’t would not.

Sar Amiel opens conference

Sar Amiel gave a tribute to the leaders of our kingdom stating that they had “paid the price” for our sons and daughter to now be free. He further question the brother asking them, what price would we be willing to pay to never experience captivity” or “what price would our ancestors have paid to never have to have had to see a whipping or beating?” Sar Amiel told the brothers that we didn’t have the right to quit or be non-compliant. He told us that within us we have the power to manifest physical matter. Now all we have to do is to go forth and manifest that power.

Sar Malahk Speaks

Sar Malahk talked about commitment to the 1967 vision of Ben Ammi. He shared with us his personal testimony about his introduction to the Kingdom of Yah. When he heard the word of truth he moved forward and never looked back. He said that when you find the true Lord it requires demonstration; you have to do something to verify what you have found. Sar said that, “We are the ones that have been given the charge to end sickness and death on the planet.” He closed by reading the definition of unity and explaining to us how the Law of Compensation works.

Prince Rahm

Nasik Rahm teaching the brothers

Divine Kingdom Leadership

The Princes and Ministers of the Community

The Crowned Brothers

The Holy Ahtureem (Crowned Brothers) of the Kingdom of Yah

Brothers in White

The Brotherhood Sunrise Prayer

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hot recipes for niche success

The cream of the nation's young entrepreneurs are seeking innovative ways to get their ideas up and running. James Dunn reports

FROM the tough competition of the Chicago restaurant industry to the communal ideal of an Israeli kibbutz might seem an unlikely path for entrepreneurial inspiration. But for Melbourne caterer Nicholas Morris, that's what it took for his big idea -- a chain of vegetarian restaurants -- to take shape.

Morris, 22, spent 2004 working in Chicago for a vegan restaurant. "I saw the effect that eating healthy food and just feeling better had on the customers. It really inspired me to think of what I could do in Australia." Morris decided to continue his world travels, researching vegetarian food along the way. "I wanted to find out what other cultures had to offer, so I travelled around the world, sampling vegetarian dishes from a lot of different countries. In 2005 I spent six months in an African Hebrew community in Israel, a community that has been vegan for 40 years. It's the world's largest vegan community, so I sought them out, to see the benefits of healthy eating first-hand, learning about health and nutrition." Armed with "hundreds of recipes and a heap of inspiration", Morris returned to Australia and set up his catering business, Soulveg, earlier this year. But opening a restaurant under that name - the first of many, he hopes - remains his ambition.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Waistlines keep expanding in 31 states

Mississippi and other poor areas weigh down the obesity list
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The gravy train — make that the sausage, biscuits and gravy train — just kept on rolling in most of America last year, with 31 states showing an increase in obesity. Mississippi continued to lead the way. An estimated 29.5 percent of adults there are considered obese. That’s an increase of 1.1 percentage points when compared with last year’s report, which is compiled by Trust for America’s Health, an advocacy group that promotes increased funding for public health programs. “Obesity now exceeds 25 percent in 13 states, which should sound some serious alarm bells,” said Dr. Jeff Levi, executive director of the advocacy group. Health officials warn that a high incidence of obesity in a particular state doesn’t mean it treats the issue less seriously than others. States have different challenges to contend with when it comes to obesity, said Dr. Janet Collins of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See: Waistlines keep expanding in 31 states