Saturday, October 20, 2007

Officials Fear Water Crisis in Atlanta

Officials Fear Water Crisis in Atlanta
By Greg Bluestein
Associated Press

ATLANTA (Oct. 19) - With the South in the grip of an epic drought and its largest city holding less than a 90-day supply of water, officials are scrambling to deal with the worst-case scenario: What if Atlanta's faucets really do go dry?

So far, no real backup plan exists. And there are no quick fixes among suggested solutions, which include piping water in from rivers in neighboring states, building more regional reservoirs, setting up a statewide recycling system or even desalinating water from the Atlantic Ocean.

"It's amazing that things have come to this," said Ray Wiedman, owner of an Atlanta landscaper business. "Everybody knew the growth was coming. We haven't had a plan for all the people coming here?" Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue seems to be pinning his hopes on a two-pronged approach: urging water conservation and reducing water flowing out of federally controlled lakes.

But that may not be enough to stave off the water crisis. More than a quarter of the Southeast is covered by an "exceptional" drought - the National Weather Service's worst drought category. The Atlanta area, with a population of 5 million, is smack in the middle of the affected region, which extends like a dark cloud over most of Tennessee, Alabama and the northern half of Georgia, as well as parts of North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia.

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On any given day, half a million teens get high

Report describes average day for many kids spent drinking and smoking
Reuters News Service

WASHINGTON - A snapshot of an average day in the lives of U.S. teens shows hundreds of thousands are smoking, drinking and ingesting illegal drugs, according to a report from the federal government.

On an average day, nearly 1.2 million teenagers smoked cigarettes, 631,000 drank and 586,000 used marijuana, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found.

Nearly 50,000 used inhalants, 27,000 used hallucinogens, 13,000 used cocaine and 3,800 used heroin, SAMHSA said in its report.

The report also attempted to show how many adolescents ages 12 to 17 used illegal substances for the first time.

One any given day, it said:
-Nearly 8,000 adolescents drank alcohol for the first time
-4,300 adolescents used an illicit drug for the first time
-4,000 smoked cigarettes for the first time
-3,600 adolescents used marijuana for the first time
-2,500 youngsters abused pain relievers for the first time.

More than 76,000 children and teens were in outpatient treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, the report said, and 10,000 in non-hospital residential treatment.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 2007 Holy Jerusalem Writer’s Conference-Chicago

An Unimaginably Powerful Weekend
By Eitai B. N. Aharon

The 2007 Holy Jerusalem Writer’s Conference convened on Yom Sheeshee (Friday) October 12th and concluded on Yom Rishone (Sunday) October 14th. The Alumni House, situated in the heart of the historic University of Chicago campus, provided a cozy and opulent setting for this power-packed weekend long presentation. The theme of this dynamic forum was “The 5000 Year Evolution of the Adamic / Bray-sheet Civilization; 3000 BCE to 2000 ACE.

The purpose of this unique conference was to commemorate the African Hebrew Israelite’s 40th year of existing outside of the United States as a thriving independent community. This comprehensive symposium reviewed and underscored each of the significant social, spiritual and cultural epochs that shaped and defined the African Hebrew civilization and culture. The spiritual, emotional and intellectual impact that this immensely powerful presentation had on both speakers and listeners is nearly impossible to put into words!

On day one (Saturday, Yom Shabbat), Ahturah Yoahnah topped a list of distinguished presenters and speakers. The morning program included a moving tribute to the esteemed founder of The Holy Jerusalem Writer’s Conference, Prince Dr. Shaleak Ben Yehudah by his inimitable student and protégé Dr. Avimeleck. In their capacity as the inaugural presenters of the conference both Ahturah Yoahnah and Dr. Avimeleck each carefully emphasized the spiritual significance of this extraordinary commemorative event. As advertised, the ensuing program would prove to be no less than a phenomenal spiritual happening!

Throughout the day conference organizer, Dr. Ahtur Khazriel Ben Israel provided a continuous historical narrative and informed commentary that aptly set the stage for each speaker. The spiritual brilliance and intellectual acumen of each and every speaker on the roster was simply awe-inspiring!! The intense spiritual energy generated by these prodigious expositors of Truth was palpable and set the tone for the day.

The closing session was highlighted by a thrilling keynote presentation by Atlanta’s own Nasiy Rahm. The legendary Prince of Order provided an insightful and captivating preview of his newly released book “The Ramle Seven; Seven Men and the Destiny of a Nation” by Shamiyah E. Elyahkeem . This book is a biographical narrative of the remarkable events surrounding the political imprisonment of seven African Hebrew Israelites in Israel’s infamous Ramle maximum security prison in 1972. Nasiy Rahm gave a vivid personal testimony of the miraculous exploits of seven mighty men of destiny who courageously prevailed against the negative forces that had aligned themselves against the Kingdom of Yah at that time. And so, the first full day of this great conference was brought to a close with a dramatic and resounding flourish!!

On day two (Sunday, Yom Rishone) Dr. Ahtur Khazriel established the historical context that provided the framework for a quartet of speakers who would begin and end the day’s morning session. Ahtur Evutar, and Ahk Neftakiyah shared inspiring testimonies relative to their experiences in West Africa (Ghana and Liberia, respectively). Afterwards, the very youthful Dr. Ahturah Yahfah highlighted the Redemptive Enterprises and Institutions of this great Kingdom.

Ahtur Ben Khiel followed with a very informative and often quite humorous account of the case of The United States Government vs. Warren Brown (His Excellency Prince Asiel). Ahtur summarized some of the stunning episodes that make up the period in Kingdom history known as The Great Siege. It was during this time that the Federal Government of the United States conspired with other international agencies in a bold attempt to destroy the nascent Kingdom of Yah. Even though this notorious case was the longest and most expensive trial in the history of the Washington D.C. court system, it resulted in the acquittal of the Great Ambassador and all of the individuals who faithfully stood with him during this very pivotal epoch of Kingdom history. Fittingly, as Ahtur Ben Khiel was nearing the close of this enthralling presentation, the Great Ambassador, himself, Nasiy Asiel Ben Israel entered the venue with entourage in tow!

The Shagreer punctuated the first portion of the day’s activities with a brief but very personal “talk” in which he emphasized – not his own greatness – but the greatness of each individual in the Kingdom. The Great Prince took special care to explain that all of the profound and miraculous achievements that comprise the previous 40 years await a response from those who would lead the way into the next 40 years. It is up to us to write the next magnificent chapter of our storied history! The Holy Ambassador ended his address by instructing the Saints to take a serious internal inventory to determine if we are really committed to going all the way with this. He said that we should ask the question, Am I who and what I want to be? And, if not, what am I lacking? We carried these sobering questions with us as the morning program concluded.

The consummating activities of the conference reconvened at the International House banquet hall located just a short distance from the Alumni House. Dr. Avimeleck hosted the Special Awards Banquet. The Special Awards Banquet underscored an outstanding program which began with a virtuoso jazz set by Ahk David and the Divine Universal Brotherhood Band. Akote Bahtiyah and an ensemble cast of actors gave an entertaining theatrical performance that answered the thought-provoking question, What if Abba Never Moved on the Vision?

As the many attendees sipped sparkling apple cider and dined sumptuously on the delicious carte du jour, Crown Dr. Khazriel acknowledged those Saints who had distinguished themselves in service throughout the various North American extensions. Finally, as was the case in the morning session, His Excellency Nasiy Asiel Ben Israel closed out this exhilarating event with a recap of the Vision that has inspired us thus far, and that will propel us into the next 40 years!

Yah Khai!!

Prince Asiel Ben Israel

Prince Asiel gave the Keynote Address at the Awards Banquet

Dr. Avimeleck Ben Amishadye

Dr. Avimeleck gave a very emotional tribute to the Great Head Master and Dean; Founder of the Holy Jerusalem Writers' Conference-Prince Dr. Shaleak Ben Yehuda

Crowned Brother, Ben Kahyil B. Israel

Crowned Brother, Ben Kahyil spoke on Africa and the strength of our Nation during the 80's

Crowned Dr. Ahtruah Yafah

Dr. Yafah spoke on the "Redemptive Enterprises & Institutions of The Kingdom of Yah"

The Daughters of Prince Dr. Shaleak B. Yehuda

Akote Shalaymah & Akote Shefrah

Monday, October 15, 2007

Smart clothes are on the way

How Smart Clothes Work
by Kevin Bonsor

There's a major movement going on in the electronics and computer industries to develop wearable devices for what's being called the post-PC era. We are now at the dawn of that era, and some of these devices are already making their way to the consumer market. Despite the small size and portability of these devices, they are still noticeable and aren't always very aesthetically pleasing. The next phase of this post-PC era will be to integrate computers and other devices directly into our clothing, so that they are virtually invisible.

In the next few years, we might be filling our closets with smart shirts that can read our heart rate and breathing, and musical jackets with built in all-fabric keypads. Thin light-emitting diode (LED) monitors could even be integrated into this apparel to display text and images. Computerized clothes will be the next step in making computers and devices portable without having to strap electronics to our bodies or fill our pockets with a plethora of gadgets. These new digital clothes aren't necessarily designed to replace your PC, but they will be able to perform some of the same functions.

Computerized clothes are the ultimate in portable high-tech gadgetry. In this edition of How Stuff WILL Work, you will learn just what these clothes are made of, who is making them and what kind of products we might be wearing in the coming decade.

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Children See What You Do

Your children are a reflection of you
Layviah E. Nahum

Remember, your children are always watching. Click on the link below to see the impact of the actions of adults on children.

Food for thought. Enjoy!!!

Click Here: Children_See.wmv or