Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coming Soon: KOY Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Summit

January 24-26, 2009 at the Return to Royalty Banquet Hall, Atlanta Georgia
Conference Fee $75.00
Register Online at
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Beautiful Night For a Beautiful Bride

Akote Tovleeyah elevates into the institution of Divine Marriage
KNN – Atlanta

On Sat. evening, Dec 6th The Family of Ahtur Keymah and Akote Tovleeyah had their Divine Wedding Ceremony at the Return to Royalty Banquet Hall in Atlanta Georgia. It was truly a very moving and historical event. Saints, family, friends, and guests form all over the globe were in attendance.

The evening was filled with love and excitement as dedicated servants in Yah’s kingdom were joined together. Akote Tovleeyah was a beautiful bride and was escorted in and given away by Nasik Rahm. Many of the saints were moved to tears in their happiness for the new family. The evening was capped off with Divine food and dancing at the banquet hall. This one will be talked about for years to come. It was truly a Yah inspired evening.

Don't Drive Sleep

Eye-opening myths about sleepy driving
KNN Staff

Nearly half of the men surveyed said they've fallen asleep at the wheel. That number may be even higher in the most sleep deprived cities. While there are lots of ways to try to stay awake en route, Swedish researches found that mot of us rely strategies that may or may not work.

The Method: Take a short walk.

Does it work? In a US Army study, 10 minutes of exercise helped sleep-deprived pilots stay awake for up to 30 minutes.

The Method: Open the window.

Does it work? When drivers in a British study were blasted with cool air, they didn't report feeling any more alert.

The Method: Talk to a passenger.

Does it work? In a Miami University study, chatty drivers took 16% loner to hit the brakes when stopping.

The Method? Turn on the radio.

Does it work? A study published in the journal Sleep found that cruisin' to sounds failed to energize sleepy driver.

The most effective solution: Take a nap!!!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Spruce up your immune system

A hike in the woods can boost you immune system
Men's Health Magazine

You may finally have a legitimate reason to hug a tree: A hike in the woods can boost your immunity, say Japanese researchers.

They found that men who walked through a forest for a total of 6 hours over 2 days experienced a 46 percent spike in their blood levels of natural killer cells, which are part of your body's SWAT team against invading viruses.

Apparently, all trees release airborne chemicals called phytoncides that not only protect their foliage from microbes, but also help to stimulate our own immune systems.

KNN: Talk a walk in the woods for good health!!!!!