Friday, December 19, 2008

Chrysler shutdown begins today

Chrysler will shut down U.S. assembly plants on Friday with no firm date when they’ll re-open
NBC News

Chrysler will shut down its thirty U.S. assembly plants on Friday with no firm date when they’ll re-open. That could hinge on billions in taxpayer loans and the terms President Bush attaches to them. He made clear to C-Span what won’t happen. “A disorderly bankruptcy could be very destabilizing for what is now a fragile financial market. In other words, I am concerned about a shock to the system,“ said President Bush.

Chrysler wants four billion dollars to get through January. General Motors says it needs eight billion. United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said, “We’re hopeful that once we get this bridge loan through that we’ll be able to turn these companies around and move forward.“

Furloughed workers worry about getting through the short term on partial pay. “I’m only getting eighty percent of my pay,“ said Chrysler supplier employee Brad Pasquale. “I still got rent to pay, automobile loans to pay on, still gotta find food and groceries for my family. You know so money is tight.“

See: Chrysler shutdown begins today

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KNN invites you to GO GREEN!

What is GOING GREEN? Going green is simply becoming aware of and committed to cultivating habits which are environmentally sound or beneficial for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the earth's vitality.

To forward the objective of saving our planet, KNN presents "GREEN TIPS" to help guide and support our readers in adopting "GREEN HABITS".

GREEN TIP #1 - RECYCLING 101 - to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse; to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form of nature of; to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration; to pass through a cycle again, repeat a process from the beginning; to undergo reuse or renewal; be subject to or suitable for further use, activity, etcetera; the act or process of recycling.

Who should to recycle? We all should recycle! Imagine the significant impact that it would make upon our earth, our quality of life and that of our future generations if even half of the earth's inhabitants recycled as a daily practice!!! Remember that mankind alone is responsible for the state of the earth, and WE alone are responsible for the redemption and salvation of every blade of grass.

Besides, recycling is not only an important means to help save our planet; it is also a means to save money on landfill disposal costs. While earning money should not the main inspiration for recycling, many companies do offer cash refunds for recycled goods as an added incentive.

What to recycle? A good place to start is paper products, office paper, newspaper, telephone directories, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, other paper food bags, boxes and containers in order to save our friendly oxygen-producing trees which if left alone un-felled and/or additional trees planted help to maintain atmospheric balance to the ecosystem and to reduce on the amount of landfill waste.

Other items to recycle are plastics such as plastic bottles, jugs, containers, buckets, plastic shopping bags, plastic and Styrofoam containers and coolers, glass, glass bottles, bottles, aluminum (foil), scrap metal or other cans and buckets, rubber products, batteries, copper, furniture and even electronic devices including radios, cd players, computers and TVs, to name a few.

When to recycle? While shopping be mindful of what you're purchasing and seek out the most eco-friendly products and packaging available. While cooking, unpacking groceries, emptying food and beverage containers, bags, boxes, bottles, and while cleaning house, discarding cleaning product containers, bottles, etcetera, these are the times to be more circumspect of what you throw away each day or week and how you dispose of household waste!

Where to recycle? Search online or in your local phone directories for recycling centers,plants and services near you, and even national wholesale recycling companies which may offer CA$H for your TRA$H! There are many local recycling services that collects recyclable materials right along with garbage collection.

To help you get started, please click the link below to find Recycling Centers (wholesale) in a U.S. city near you!

How to recycle? It's easy! Just start with a large recycling bin or 3-4 different bins to collect various items depending on the type of recycling service you have access to.

Please stay tuned to KNN and learn how you can help save, preserve & protect our dear planet!