Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dimona, Galil clinch first place in softball

Jerusalem Post Sport
In a busy week of ISA softball, the Dimona Mean Judeans clinched first place in the A Division by destroying the Galil Golan Plastic Products Twisters 17-1. The Twisters, in turn, clinched first place in the B Division by holding on to defeat a feisty Otzma Eilat team 14-13. On Wednesday, Dimona smacked one line drive and ground ball up the middle after another, and the Twisters' defense was sloppy, while fireballer Yaron Ben-Israel held the northerners to three hits. El Yaheed Ben-Israel had three hits and three runs, Ovade Ben-Israel knocked in five runs, Yaron and Emmanuel Ben-Israel each tripled and scored twice for the explosive Dimona offense. Jake Miller batted in the lone Twister run. Also on Sunday, Zion Tours led 4-2 and 6-4 on big hits from Noam Zwilling, Aviv Ya'akov and an inside-thepark homer by Benny Ruggill, but then Dimona pitcher Yaron Ben-Israel, with help from excellent defense, shut the door while his offense mounted a comeback. First baseman Yehuda Ben-Israel made several outstanding plays while going 2-2 at bat, El Yaheed Ben-Israel was outstanding at shortstop and 3-4 at the plate, and Ben Koliyah Ben-Israel had the game-winning RBI.

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