Friday, February 15, 2013

Yom L'Mokereem Atlanta, 2013

Rooted in Wholeness, Oneness & Unity:
A Celebration of Our Appreciation
by WOV Tovleeyah E. Ahtur Keymah
The Distinguished Orders of the Men and Women of Valor of the Atlanta Jurisdiction cordially invite you to attend our Yom L'Mokereem (Day of Appreciation) celebration, March 2, 2013, from 9pm until, at the Return to Royalty Banquet Hall at 879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta, GA.
This year's theme "Rooted in Wholeness, Oneness & Unity: A Celebration of Our Appreciation" conveys our collective experience up to this point. As one whole unit, we have overcome because we are rooted, committed and have remained steadfast. We trust in Yah, and we anxiously anticipate the unfoldment of the next phase of the vision.
It is in this season that we recognize and celebrate our gratitude for Yah's blessings and His divine revelations He bestows upon us, our extraordinary visionary leaders, wonderful families, cherished loved ones and beloved friends. This is the time we make special effort to honor those we appreciate in our lives.
Come out and enjoy an evening in divinity, live and DJ'd music, good food! (did I mention the food will be good?). You would not want to miss out on this! The colors are royal purple, turquoise and metallic gold accents.
Tickets are $30 in advance (prior to Feb 23), and $35 from until the event. The cuisine will be exquisite. Please specify upon purchasing your ticket whether you will be eating cooked or "live" foods that evening. To get your tickets, please call 404.752.5194.
Yom L'Mokereem Samehyahk!