Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Grotesque scandal like a 'cheap horror movie'

Body-parts company spread disease, desecrated the dead for profit-Associated Press 6/13/06

It was Mastromarino who built a business that took from the dead and gave to the living. There are many legitimate businesses that do this, but authorities say Mastromarino’s company, Biomedical Tissue Services, was not one of them.
BTS, they say, secretly carved up hundreds of cadavers without the families of the deceased knowing about it, then peddled the pieces on the lucrative non-organ body parts market.
Even scarier: They say BTS doctored paperwork to hide the inconvenient fact that some of the dead were old and diseased. As a result, they say, the market was flooded with potentially tainted tissue, and an untold number of patients across the country may have received infections along with their dental implants and hip replacements.
And it might have gone on indefinitely — except for an innocent phone call made by a doctor in Colorado, and a detective’s chance visit to a funeral parlor. Read More: Grotesque scandal like a 'cheap horror movie'

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