Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ahk Dahveed Nelson actively defies "aging"

Denver Press Release

The cover story for the JULY 1-7, 1992 issue of Westword featured legendary poet/entertainer Dahveed Nelson. Hailed in the article as “the father of rap” as a founding member of the world renowned 1960’s era Last Poets, this globetrotting septuagenarian is on the move again! Making a trek from his residence in Ghana, West Africa to Denver, Colorado he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Nelson is travelling to the states to participate in the prestigious Denver Half Marathon which will take place on Sunday morning May 16th. He will be one of only a handful of 70-plus year old participants in the competition.

If that is not enough, this active super-senior is also issuing a friendly challenge to any senior (65 plus) basketball players in Denver to “choose up” for a three on three hoops game. Apparently, Dahveed has embarked upon what can only be described as very aggressive campaign to redefine the term “age appropriate”!

The whirlwind excursion will include a seminar on healthy living titled, "Seven Keys to Life". That presentation will feature recitations from Dahveed’s recent compilation, “The Last shall be First”. Information concerning the dates and times of these events will be forthcoming.

These latest series of activities are part of an ambitious (and undoubtedly exhausting) world tour that has included marathons, in St Croix USVI, Tiberius Israel, Accra, Ghana, St Louis, Missouri, and most recently a half marathon in February in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

As was mentioned before, the tour has also included basketball, poetry recitations, and healthy living seminars – all under the auspices of Divinity Inc. Divinity is the non-profit organization headed by Nelson. Divinity Inc. was created to promote the adoption of Active Healthy Holistic Sustainable (AHHS) lifestyles.