Friday, March 03, 2006

Sugarless Week and Live Week to Commence

In our pursuit of perfect health and Everlasting Life it has been decreed that four (4) times a year there will be a Sugarless Week and a Live Food Consumption Week. During Sugarless Week we will consume no sugar, honey, or other sweeteners that have not been approved by the Ministry of Divine Health. During Live Food Consumption Week we will consume the required live food diet. Sugarless Week will commence on Yom Shee Shee (Friday) March 10, 2006 (at sundown) and end on Motsai Shabbat (Saturday) March 18, 2006 (at sundown). Live Food Week will commence on Motsi Shabbat (Saturday) March 18, 2006 (at sundown) and end on Yom Shee Shee (Friday) March 24, 2006 (at sundown).

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let's Play Ball-Mean Judeans Return

The Always-Dangerous Dimona Men Judeans Return

The always-dangerous Dimona Mean Judeans return with star pitcher Yaron, Eli Natan at shortstop and Akhazia at catcher. Ben Kai is back after several years away, while youths from Dimona will round out the squad.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Breaking News

UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports
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Poem Of The Week

Die Death Die by Ahk Ehliyahtsiel-Cleveland Family
Die death stop killing the trees they where put here so all the land dwelling inhabitants of the Earth could breath; Die death die stop paving covering the earth with concrete suffocating what truly comes from underneath; Die death die stop bleeding the Earth dry stealing her blood her oil her source of life; Die death die stop hunting the animals down treating them like beast like you were are and will always be; Die death die stop creating waist dumping it in the oceans and the lakes the rivers and the streams; Die death die stop killing the little fishes; Die death die wicked bandit go away; Die death die stop imitating life Stop telling the lies doctors practitioners doing more stealing killing and crooked-dealing; Sale the people some drugs to take away the pain you ain’t healing nobody but getting crazy paid only in America that’s the name of the game; Die death die tell the people truth; But you can’t handle the truth, So im going to speak at my people Oh but I’ll get back you cause your still gone die death die; Naw wait a minute I ain’t even gone separate the two cause I done had it up to here; Death im tired of you die death die; My people stop listen to them lies, trying to obey this man made law and stay out of jail Better get hip to YAH’S laws My people where in hell; With no desire for truth a mediocre love for our youth lies are promoted every sec. every min. every hr. every day all week through out all humanity; Worshiping materials what a vanity; Death over the theft of a car stereo my people this is insanity; Stop telling them lies and change your wicked ways Im tired of seeing my peoples caught up in this Euro-Gentile maze; Lies are meant to deceive mislead in other words make you believe that its ok to play and lay and pray w\ the Serpents seed, the captures, the masters, the devil helpers; The enemies taught us their tongue, their walk of life their god their money right \ In the dollar they trust And for it they lust \ Yet the only reason they prosper My people is because of us / off the rip we teach or babies to Fein for gifts from some fat white man / Think of all the killings and wicked Kaotic dealings that go on around the way during this season of love and happiness ok; Yeah Lucifer im hip to your plan got my people stuck thinking right is wrong and down is up I’m waking them up Those that choose to listen to what Ehliyahtsiel be spitten; Mentally you mastered me with your Demonic lying hypnotic ways But I used my third eye my YAH mind The truth the light to guild me through your twisted maze, and I’m gone show my people how to do same; These are the last days / I am but a rivulet of the remnant; Die death die Yisrael is back to change the game; Die death die in the pit with you, all of creation will be no-longer sick with you; Final confrontation a breath of life To be continued……..

The Kingdom Of Yah Celebrates 40 Years of "The Vision"

In this the 6th year of the Marriage Realm, we continue to acknowledge significant events in the evolution of the Kingdom of Yah. At this time, we are more than humbled to give special observance to the 40th anniversary of The Great Prophetic Vision of Our Lord and Savior, Adonaynu HaMasheahk.
This most historic event was the catalyst for the Great Exodus, and thus it is the singular event upon which all that has come forth rests.
Because of our Father’s obedience to the angel in the vision, we are back in our land, re-united with our people, Yah’s laws and instructions and enjoying life in His glorious Kingdom, moving into higher and higher realms. This is truly a time of great joy.
All missions are advised to commemorate this event in a manner both creative and fitting, so as to continue to engrave its significance on our minds and those of our children. Let us join together in this memorable season and express our eternal gratitude to the Holy One of Israel.
We also give thanks and praises to The Holy Father for the countless blessings and testimony that Yah Chai!!

"This year marks the 40th year of the coming of The Vision (February 20, 1966) which lasted all of approximately 45 uncertain seconds! – a work that even when it is told to you it is extremely hard to believe. Within that occurrence was all of this submerged. All of this has come out of 45 seconds and has given birth to eternity!
Truth has a permanent residence in our midst and will never be swept out into the streets again. Truth is moving from the back room up to front street. We have seen all that evil can do we are ready to tell you to step aside and watch the manifestations of Truth! Step aside, get back and watch us!
Our great wealth is the environment that we have created. Our abundance is peace and Truth! We have a Ministry of Abundance, another kind of wealth. Truth is moving from the byways and coming out front and forebear of her power. We have seen and experienced the great manifestations of awesome lies and liars. It is our turn now.
It is your turn now, you great heralders of Truth! The habitat has to have an abundance of peace and Truth. Peace in the family, everything being borne out of truth. I am talking about you… the builders. What an expectation! We should be so excited. No one can match our feelings on this planet. No one feels like we feel when we even see the lights when approaching the city of Dimona after we have been away. It is a feeling of abundance. You have to experience this to know what we feel when we walk around this sanctuary seeing each other, looking for each other and missing each other when you do not see them in a while. An abundance of joy, peace and happiness is where we are to be now."
Ben Ammi Ben Israel

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Must See DVD!!!! The Corporation

THE CORPORATION by Mark Achbar, Jennifier Abbott & Joel Bakan, explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Footage from pop culture, advertising, TV news, and corporate propaganda, illuminates the corporation's grip on our lives. Taking its legal status as a "person" to its logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist's couch to ask "What kind of person is it?" Provoking, witty, sweepingly informative, The Corporation includes forty interviews with corporate insiders and critics - including Milton Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Michael Moore - plus true confessions, case studies and strategies for change. In THE CORPORATION, case studies, anecdotes and true confessions reveal behind-the-scenes tensions and influences in several corporate and anti-corporate dramas. Each illuminates an aspect of the corporation's complex character. Among the 40 interview subjects are CEOs and top-level executives from a range of industries: oil, pharmaceutical, computer, tire, manufacturing, public relations, branding, advertising and undercover marketing; in addition, a Nobel-prize winning economist, the first management guru, a corporate spy, and a range of academics, critics, historians and thinkers are interviewed.

Positive Effects of Green Tea

Green tea may protect the aging brain
By Amy Norton Fri Feb 24, 10:35 AM ET Reuters
People who regularly drink green tea may have a lesser risk of mental decline as they grow older, researchers have found.
Their study, of more than 1,000 Japanese adults in their 70s and beyond, found that the more green tea men and women drank, the lower their odds of having cognitive impairment.
The findings build on evidence from lab experiments showing that certain compounds in green tea may protect brain cells from the damaging processes that mark conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
But while those studies were carried out in animals and test tubes, the new research appears to be the first to find a lower risk of mental decline among green-tea drinkers, according to the study authors.
They speculate that the possible protective effects of green tea may help explain Japan's lower rate of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease, compared with Europe and North America.
Dr. Shinichi Kuriyama and colleagues at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine report the findings in the current issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The study included 1,003 adults age 70 and older who completed detailed questionnaires on their diets over the previous month, as well as their overall physical health and lifestyle habits. They also completed a standard test of cognitive functions such as memory, attention and language use.
The researchers found that older adults who drank two or more cups of green tea per day were about half as likely to show cognitive impairment as those who drank three cups or less each week. Men and women who averaged one cup per day fell somewhere in between.
The connection between green tea and mental function persisted when the researchers accounted for overall diet and factors such as smoking and exercise habits.
However, the findings cannot demonstrate a cause-and-effect relationship.
The study was observational, not a controlled experiment, and there may be something about green-tea drinkers that explains the link between the beverage and sharper mental function, Kuriyama told Reuters Health.
For example, healthier, more active individuals may simply drink more green tea -- which, in Japan, is often consumed in social settings.
"We think that the potential protective effects of green tea should be confirmed in further studies," Kuriyama said.
Given the high prevalence and heavy burden of dementia, the researchers conclude, any benefit of drinking green tea could have a "considerable" public health impact.
SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, February 2006.