Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Divine Universal Sisterhood, Embarking New Territory

New Host and New Speakers Take Center Stage at Conference
by Ahkote Hitzhirealah Baht Israel
KNN-Tallahassee, Florida

The Divine Universal Sisterhood of the southern region had an extraordinary weekend at the 2009 Sisterhood Conference at St. George Island, Florida (August 14-16, 2009). Inspired by this year’s Unity Day theme,
"Servant/Leader =
Total Performance =
A Decade for Our Youth",
the Sisterhood embarked upon three days of illustrating, encouraging and praising the Servant/ Leader in total performance, while demonstrating that this is truly the "Decade of the Youth."

Hosted by the Tallahassee Extension for the first time, the annual conference was a memorable experience. The Sisterhood lodged in luxurious beach front property, while being pampered with massages, Aqua Chi services, free Chiropractic screenings and professional photography on the beach – Yah Khai! (Yah Lives!)

The Conference featured a Wisdom Hut discussion on the Sabbath day (Saturday). It featured many of the Chosen First Fruit (CFF), who proved to be worthy counterparts to their more experienced speakers. They offered a refreshing look at the Servant/Leader concept and much insight on how to take the 'Decade of the Youth' to new heights. The Wisdom Hut speakers and their topics were as follows:

Ahkote Emoonah - "The Historic Prophetic Dynamics of the Servant/Leader"
Panel: Ahkote Biroreet, Ahkote Batiyah, Ahkote D’Ganyah, Ahkote Oshreet, Ahkote Harameeyah - "Analyzing the Servant Leader Concept from the Perspective of Health"
Aturah Daniella - "The Importance of Being My Sister’s Keeper"
Ahkote Prahkeet - "Comprehending and Continuing the Works of Our Fathers, from the Perspective of the CFF"

The Highlight of the Conference was the Sunrise Shabbaht prayer on the beach. Adorned in beautiful white garments, the Sisterhood opened with meditation and Yah-inspired affirmations. Only the sweet sound of the ocean could be heard. Then, in unison they recited the Marriage of the Lamb Scroll of the Vows, and lifted up prayer to the Most High. It was a moment where the Sisters could go deep into introspection, as well as be at peace with nature and the Creator. It was truly a remarkable event.

During an exquisite evening banquet, Elevated Crown Sister Aturah Yafah acknowledged the recent elevations among the Sisterhood, including the elevations of newly Crowned Sister Aturah Daniella; Women of Valor Ahkote Emoonah, Ahkote Khazeekah and Ahkote Sheveevyah; and Sisters on the Move Ahkote Neetskiyah and Ahkote Prahkeet.

About 40 Sisters participated in the Conference including those from Atlanta, California, Ghana and Israel. The young and vibrant Tallahassee Extension did an exceptional job with this year’s Sisterhood Conference.

All Praises to Yah!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creating Righteous Fun

by Naomi E. Shmuel
KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

A fun-filled summer is a child’s dream come true. Many dreams are being fulfilled in the African Hebrew Israelite’s Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel, as the children enjoy special activities sponsored by some industrious, caring young adults in the community.

Tseyon Ben Israel and Sharsheyah Baht Israel are now in their second summer sponsoring fun-filled evenings for the children in their community. Every evening they sponsor “Kol Ha Kifar”, a music broadcast of positive sounds, for the children to play by. This creates an uplifting and relaxing mood for children and adults alike. The week is filled with activities such as outdoor movies (pictured), fun and games, skating parties, dance contests and more. The summer program opens and closes with special youth entertainment performances.

The program was conceived in 2008 when, as Tseyon recalls, “We were sitting in the gazebo at the King’s Court, (a social area in the village) watching the children, and they seemed a little bored. So, we decided to provide games and activities to help them have fun.” Tseyon and Sharsheyah initially used their own personal money to fund the program and have continued to do so this year.

This summer, the program was also blessed to receive a generous donation from the Peace of Paradise amutah, a non-profit organization that raises money for children’s educational needs. Aturah Adivah, the head facilitator of the amutah (NGO), expressed joy in giving the donation. “It’s great to see the interest and efforts of youth helping other youth; and because our purpose is to develop and enhance the minds and lifestyles of the youth, we really felt it was worthwhile to donate to this program.”

Tseyon and Sharsheyah’s kind efforts also became contagious this summer, attracting two more young adults to join them in administrating the program. Youths Boaz Ben Israel and Emeyah Baht Israel are active doing whatever is needed. Emeyah also deejays the “Kol Ha Kifar” (the voice of the village), and Boaz treats the children to periodic “free ice cream” nights at his franchise ice cream stand in the community’s small eatery, the 'meeznone'.

The program has been well received and appreciated by children and adults. “The activities are very nice and entertaining for the children and the adults even enjoy the environment and watching the children play. It is so thoughtful of them to create and give the children fun activities to do”, says one mother, Shevnah, whose 9 year old son, has enjoyed the summer activities. Baht Keebah, age 13, says, “I think the activities are really nice. My favorite is the outdoor movies!”

The efforts of these young adults to implement fun activities are a reflection of the communal spirit of The African Hebrew Israelite Community, and express a sincere desire to pass on the legacy of Kingdom Fun to the younger generation. “We always had fun when we were young”, says Tseyon, “but children these days are always in front of the TV or computer, and we just want to encourage a fun, social life for the children”.

Food crisis could force wartime rations and vegetarian diet on Britons

British people may face wartime rations
Valerie Elliott
Times Online

The British people face wartime rations and a vegetarian diet in the event of a world food shortage, a new official assessment on the UK’s food security suggests today.

Even though the nation is 73 per cent self-sufficient in food production, higher than during the 1950s, the food chain is at risk from global influences such as a worldwide increase in population, climate change bringing extreme weather patterns, higher oil prices and more crops being grown for bio-fuel instead of food.

Supplies in future may also be disrupted by animal disease outbreaks, disruption of power supplies, trade disputes and interruptions for shipping and at ports.

The UK however has one of the highest cereal production capabilities in the world with seven tonnes grown per hectare, compared a world average of 3.3 tonnes per hectare.