Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Ministry of Divine Health Experiments with Solar Stove

KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

The continuing quest to live in harmony with the natural elements of Yah's (God's) Creation, the Ministry of Divine Health in the African Hebrew Israelite Community or "Kibbutz Shomrei HaShalom" ("Guardians of Peace") is currently conducting experiments with solar stoves.

The all-vegan community, known for its holistic health practices and lifestyle, obtained the stoves from a manufacturer in India. Over the past several weeks, community nutritionists have prepared meals with a variety of seasonal organic vegetables. The results have been inspiring.

"I am still looking for the words to describe how tasty this food is," said Prince Danyel. "When you taste it you feel like it is the first time you have ever really tasted the vegetables. And it is without any seasonings what so ever!"

"You feel like you are eating energy with every bite," added one. "It doesn't matter if its hot or cold. Maybe this is why the ancients lived so long."

The Ministry plans to acquire more solar ovens both for the nutritional benefits, and the energy and environmental ones also. With so many days of sunshine in the Negev Desert the community members expect to reap economic dividends from savings on cooking gas and electricity.

We are already seeing benefits, even during this winter season," said Baht Ammi Baht Israel. We can't wait to see what happens in the spring and summer months."

The simple technology allows for a pot to be held in a cradle which receives reflected rays from the sun off a shield of metal strips that amazingly do not get hot at all in the process. To ensure that maximum benefits are achieved, local planners envision solar lunch days for the entire community and guests - another attraction for their way of life that has captivated guests from all over the world.

The vegetables are steam cooked in the stainless steel cookware in minutes retaining color, texture and incredible taste. The amazing results from the tests - conducted in the winter sun, more than assures community members that the benefits achieved are numerous.

Please click here for more information about the Hebrew Israelite Community's Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Kefar - Village of Peace “Goes Green”

The African Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona Israel has a positive impact on the environment
KNN Staff

Over the course of this next year KNN will highlight the many ways that the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona Israel are introducing green practices. The goal of the community is to live a sustainable lifestyle that has the least negative impact on our planet.

They have already introduced many green practices such as organic farming, composting, and solar cooking. Later this year they are expected to introduce recycling and solar lighting to the “Kefar – Village of Peace.”

Stay tuned to KNN for more details about the “Kefar Goes Green” Campaign.