Monday, August 09, 2010

The Bitter Truth About Energy Drinks

Recent Study Highlights The Potential Harm In Energy Drinks
by Scott James

A recent study has provided interesting outline evidence that suggests that possibly drinking energy drinks can cause significant irregularities within the drinker’s blood pressure. Now it has to be said right at the start that while this is a fairly small survey, the results it provides do make interesting reading and are well worth paying attention to.

Basically the issue is this. “Energy” drinks unlike sports drinks that contain water, sugar and salts are known to contain quite high levels of Caffeine and a substance known as Taurine that is aimed purely at increasing energy and/or “alertness”. Now Taurine, which is an Amino acid and is found in protein foods like fish or meat also has the same properties as Caffeine and hence as has been proved in the past can lead to raised blood pressure.

Now the initial results of this survey and study and I do need to re-emphasize at this particular point in time that it is indeed a small study, have provided us with the results that showed the following:

Basically researchers took 15 healthy young adults, who were volunteers and the group comprised of seven men and eight women whose average age was about 26 years and got them to stop consuming caffeine from other sources two days before also during the duration of the study. The researchers took the volunteers and at the outset of the study recorded the blood pressure and heart rate and carried out an ECG (electrocardiogram) to assess the heart function of each volunteer.

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