Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Hebrew Israelite Community is in the best of health!!!

"They have no cancer, they have no heart attacks and African states come to learn from them their secret of right living ."


The rumor on their health, the superb Community of the Hebrew Israelites is spreading rapidly. From all over the world, delegations are streaming to Dimona to experience and to reveal the secret for their healthy living. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is revealing the potential and assisting the Community in disseminating this good news: natural foods, sport and fasting every Shabat.

Is it being understood that the Hebrew Israelite Community has revealed and discovered the secret for health? If you're judging according to world statistics to Dimona, the answer is yes and positive.

The superb health of the Community of the Hebrew Israelites contrary to what is being said in the world, it is a fact that the Community has no illnesses of cancer or aids, is not overcome with heart attacks and is not suffering with high blood pressure and is stimulating and arousing major curiosity amongst the population.

Mainly in many of the African states , amongst them is South Africa, Ghana, Central African Republic and Benin already have sent and launched delegations to the stronghold of the Dimona Community to experience and reveal their secret. Some of the ministries of health that have been referred to the Israeli embassies in their countries in request that they put them in contact with the Community in order that they are able to benefit from this Model of Life.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is agreeing that they have a great interest in the Community being the health model for the world and being an example for
community villages living healthy lifestyles and being devoid of modern-day diseases.

And when the Ministry understood the huge and enormous potential, they decided to cooperate and participate, and today, they are assisting in marketing the Community to the world their Model of Life. And besides visiting delegations in the Holy Land, the Community is also carrying out activities with foreign ministries of information, mainly in Africa, and sharing much of their lifestyle in the subjects and topics on public health and preventive medicine.

On the situation of the Community's improved health, testimony of Emmanuel Ben Yehuda, person responsible for the Community's connection with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "in the 37 years that we are in Israel, we have had just one case of stroke and two cases of cancer. And no one has had a heart attack, and not ever one case of aids. Some medical centers in the U.S. have investigated the lifestyle of our Community and determined that we succeeded to triumph in being victorious over heart disease and problems of high blood pressure because of our healthy lifestyle."

Then what is their secret? According to spokesman Emmanuel, members of the Community eat natural foods, are commanders in doing sports and fasting one day in the week. Every member of the Community is obligated to get a massage or reflexology treatment at least once a month. The children stay away from sweets, the adults don't touch coffee or alcohol and very little usage of salt. The main nutrition comes from soya products, fruits, organic vegetables, grains and almonds.

"All diseases like cancer, aides, and heart disease are born out of the result of bad health habits," explains Emmanuel. "We presented to the African states that in changing your lifestyle, it is possible to cause these diseases to disappear." "We have already hosted African delegations that are requesting to learn how to benefits from our Health Model and we are very proud to be in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. We are proud as Israelis to assist in strengthening the connection and ties of Israel with developing states and countries in Africa and to instruct and to show the world the great abilities that we have established in Israel."

"Already today, there are thousands of people in Africa that have adopted our lifestyle. It is without a doubt a wonderful, glorious and terrific vessel and tool for these foreign countries to strengthen their relationships and this understanding with other countries in the world."

The Ministry of Health has stated that it is contributing to the editing and research in the subject of their health of the Community.

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