Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dimona Welcomes President Shimon Peres

Ben Ammi, President Shimon Peres, and Meir Cohen, Mayor of Dimona
Photos courtesy of A. Chashavyah
Ben Ammi with President Shimon Peres

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Israel’s President Pays Historic Visit to Hebrew Israelite Community

The President will greet and address community members
KNN Staff Correspondent
Ministry of Information

[Dimona – Aug 19, 2008] Israel’s President Shimon Peres will visit the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona Thursday, August 21, as part of a special tour of the Negev. The visit serves as a stage for a celebration of the President’s 84th birthday, marked August 2.

The community of 3,000 former African Americans is a featured stop in the President’s tour of the Negev Desert of town, which has become synonymous with the community members who arrived nearly 40 years ago, led by anointed spiritual leader, Ben Ammi Ben-Israel.

The President will greet community members, get an historical presentation chronicling the 4 decades of the Hebrew community’s existence in Israel, enjoy a performance by the choir and finally address community members. He will share the stage with Ben Ammi and Dimona mayor, Meir Cohen.

Over the years, Peres’ has been keen on developing the Negev, seeing it as key to the future strength of the state. In recent months Hebrew Community leaders have been meeting with Israel’s government officials putting finishing touches on plans to build a new settlement within the city of Dimona, to further showcase their unique lifestyle. The community hosts between 300 and 400 visitors each month from all over the world who come to partake of the pleasant atmosphere and their keys to healthy living, including a vegan-diet and natural food production, organic agriculture, and the most popular music groups in the country. The community has been proclaimed a “miracle in the desert” by the US Congress Human Rights Caucus and an “island of sanity,” by Israeli media.

Peres will also visit city hall, a local communications training center, and the Dimona library in the day-long excursion. At the end of the day, the town will host a mass birthday celebration for the famed octogenarian. “You can’t come to Dimona and not visit the Hebrew community,” a spokesman for the Dimona municipality said. “For people all over the world they have put the city on the map. They are the face of Dimona.”

For more information contact:
Yafah Baht Gavriel at 972 523 910 858
Prince Immanuel Ben-Yehuda at 972 524 886 926 or in WDC at (202) 360 4431

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Breath of Life Classes - Online

Lesson #3 - What is the Love of Yah?
by Ahtur Keymah

Consider the following excerpt from "God and the Law of Relativity" by Ben Ammi:

"How does one go about receiving Yah's love? To receive the fullness of Yah's love, you must give yours in return. Yah's love is a priceless treasure, a most expensive pearl. When you get it, you will have given all that you have in your possession. Your love of Yah will then become a light into the reality of Yah's truth. You must become active on its behalf, with all your heart, soul, and might.

In the beginning it will take great courage to follow what will seem to be a lonely path, led by the will of Yah, to evince a Holy people unto the world. You will move from a casual, once-a-week religion to an undivided and all-consuming commitment to an entirely new way of life, founded upon "The Love of Yah." This love will cause true surrender and compliance with His Most Holy and Perfect will."

Question: How does one love Yah with all of their heart, all of their soul, and all of their might?

Comments and answers for this lesson may be posted in the comment section of this blog.

Google to Invest in Geothermal

The company is investing a little over $10 million in the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems
by By Tom Zeller Jr.
New York Times Science, the public-spirited division of, charged with addressing “climate change, poverty and emerging disease,” is using the backdrop of the National Clean Energy Summit here in Las Vegas to announce a new round of clean energy financing.

In a nutshell, the company is investing an arguably modest sum — a little over $10 million — in the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, or EGS. The technology differs from “traditional” geothermal in that rather than exploiting existing wells of earthbound steam and hot water, EGS drills deep — miles down — to access layers of heated granite that exist underfoot everywhere on the planet. Water can be circulated downward for heating, and then upward to drive turbines and generate electricity.

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