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Natural Culture
Akote Zakhah
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(www.Natural-Culture.com) is the largest on-line shopping website for high-quality products created, sold or used by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem; a 40-year young community praised globally for their expertise on health, organic agriculture, social stability, and clean living. Located on the urban kibbutz Shomrey HaShalom ("The Peace Keepers") in Dimona, Israel; this community produces ecologically-friendly, health-oriented and cultural products. On-line sales items include handcrafted jewelry, African Edenic art prints, health and spiritual e-books, positive music, modest clothing and beautiful clothing accessories.

"We want you to have the best on-line shopping experience that we can give," says
Sister HYPERLINK "http://www.natural-culture.com/article/who-is-sister-zakhah/"Zakhah, founder of the Natural Culture website, divine entrepreneur, and former Sales and Marketing Director of the Washington, DC-based Communicators Press on-line book company. We respond to product and service-related questions within 24 hours. Our customer support team has over 10 years of on-line selling experience and really listen to our customers. We offer low to no shipping costs, a friendly returns policy, and detailed product information."


Positive sounds from the digital music collection upload to your laptop, desktop, iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Genres include R&B, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Gospel, Hip Hop and our exclusive Sounds of Deliverance. Watch beautiful music videos and hear inspiring song samples before you buy.

E-books on nutrition, relationships, spirituality, history, and children
can be downloaded instantly. Titles such as The Sacred Diet: Nutritional Guidelines, Natural Pregnancy & Divine Childbirth and Immortality will open your mind to new possibilities life has to offer. Get instant access to the writings of Ben Ammi, the spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

Not sure if you are pronouncing Hebrew prayers correctly? The Prayers from Jerusalem audio books will help you stay on point.

Our high-quality mail-order items are great for your lifestyle and make wonderful gifts. Colorful African Art prints are perfect for you home or office. Each of our signature hand-crafted jewelry pieces are created by our professional artisans. Their collections have been displayed by celebrities, athletes, models, museums, and major department stores all over the world. Each piece is formed from precious healing crystals, stones and metals.

You can guarantee that each one of our uniquely designed clothing items and accessories are made with all-natural materials and tailored to your specifications. From our cultural trademark Cords of Blue to the knitted and crocheted head-coverings, keepote and kovaeem, and eco-shoes, to our highly sought-after Cignon Garden of Style tailor-made modest clothing line.  All of which will be featured in Autumn 2012. Sign up for our Natural Culture newsletter to be alerted when they are available. You will also receive other product alerts, articles and discounts.

Here at Natural Culture, we like to keep things fresh and exciting. We work hard to add new products to our site almost every week. We feature information about our products to highlight why they are distinctively designed for your healthy, busy, God/Yah-centered, on-the-go, hard-working, royal, truth-based lifestyle. If you have any specific request for products, let us know by emailing: NaturalCulture777@gmail.com.

Natural Culture accepts monetary donations for the many humanitarian projects sponsored by the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) . Upwards of 85% of your donation to AHDA goes towards projects that improve health, family and social conditions of people globally in underdeveloped countries. Here are just a few examples of where your donations have greatly assisted with our projects:

The drilling of more than 20 boreholes in West Africa and at an
all-girls boarding school in Kenya. The boreholes have increased school attendance by reducing sick-days from waterborne diseases from dirty well water;
Sponsorship for top academic students from Akvah Community School in Israel to receive scholarships to universities.  Recently, our students obtained some of the highest standardized test scores in the entire country. Funding for academic programs will assist our students with continuous academic excellence;

Organic agriculture programs and true green businesses being formed in Sub-Sahara Africa. Local farmers have been able to re-establish their livelihoods and adequately support their families again despite the sinister pushing of pesticide-laden GMO foods on the global community;
Exploration for alternative energy sources for indigenous people so they may increase their quality of life. For example, solar cooking has not only
increased the health and nutrition of families, it has also reduced rapes by up to 86% in rural villages in some developing countries since the women no longer have to walk far distances alone to gather wood for cooking fuel.
Please continue to show your support so that we can affect positive change in the lives of people all around the world. To donate now, please click here


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