Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yom L'Mokereem Celebration 2010-Village of Peace

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KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

Yom L'Mokereem Celebration 2010-Atlanta, GA

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the Season of Divine Appreciation

KNN Staff -Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

All praises to Yah, we greet you in perfect love & peace.
Shalom, shalom. (Greetings of peace unto you.)
Yah Khai!!! (Yah Lives!!!)

The observance of Yom L'Mokereem (The Day of Appreciation) the most festive annual celebratory season observed by the African Hebrew Israelite Community (AHIC) in Dimona Israel, as well as throughout its satellite communities around the world, at underway. This is the time of year wherein all Community members take time demonstrate even greater acts of love, kindness and appreciation to and for one another throughout the entire month of February.

It is in the spirit of this season of Yom L'Mokereem that KNN would like to take this opportunity to officially recognize merely a fraction of the AHIC's many noteworthy international institutions, through whose tenacious advocacy in disseminating the Sacred Seeds of Truth to the four corners of the earth, we witness the steadily increasing testimonies and yield in the changing of socio-spiritual paradigms and policies towards the restoration of health and sanity to a world which more often than not suffers from, is plagued by, is dis-eased and dying SO NEEDLESSLY from the effects errant and preventable lifestyle-related health challenges.

A few of those agents of change are:
-the Ministry of Divine Health
-the Joy of Living Live Live Foods website
-the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA)
-the AHIC's official online audio/visual portal
-the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem's official website
-the Ministry of Divine Information & the Audio Visual Truth Center
-and last but not least, the Soul Vegetarian, A Taste of Life, and Asasse Pa Vegan Restaurants worldwide.

For your unyielding efforts to nourish, feed and enlighten literally millions of people around the world regarding this alternative social system and its healthy lifestyle practices,
KNN humbly salutes you!!!

If you would like for KNN to post your extension's Yom L'Mokereem activities and events, on our site, please email them to Ahtur Keymah at for publication ASAP!

Todah rabbah (thanks) for allowing KNN to serve you and
Yom L'Mokereem Samehyahk!
(Happy Day (Season) of Appreciation!)

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