Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shanah Tovah!!!

Shanah Tovah Oomivorechet!
Happy New Years and Season's Greetings to all of those whose sincere desire is to see the vindication of Ha Emit (The Truth)!
May Yah Yahwah Bless us to walk hand in hand to receive the Holy New Year in the Healthiest and Holiest of Spirits! From the family of Ahk Yehoshua ha Rofeh
From New Jerusalem Dimona Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Baruch Speaks in Cleveland

Laugh yourself into good health or be charmed into it by L.E.N. (KNN Writer) Last Sunday, Doctor Baruch, gave an inspiring and informative seminar entitled, “Eat The Cure”. In 2004 Dr. Baruch received a Naturopathic degree from The School of the Prophets. In a comical and casual tone, Dr. Baruch imparted heavy hitting health information. But, before he did he asked us to answer a question. How do you put a giraffe in the refrigerator? Of course the correct answer came from a child. You simply open the door and put the giraffe in! Dr. Baruch didn’t ask what kind of refrigerator. There was a lesson in that. All too often, we think the key to good health is something complicated. The key to good health is actually fairly simple and fun. Although his seminar was entertaining, the health statistics are no laughing matter.

Dr. Baruch instructed that we repeat this affirmation to ourselves, “I love myself and I work daily to be healthy!” This affirmation is to be repeated before we eat or do anything. It’s not just what we eat that makes us unhealthy, but what we do. So if thinking seriously about what we are doing or eating before we actually take part, then we won’t make half the bad decisions that we make on a daily basis. Bad decisions lead to stress and stress is a major cause of illness.

Some of the alarming health facts that Dr. Baruch shared:
2 million people will die from consumerism controlled by the FDA
1.3 million people will diagnosed with cancer
9 million children are seriously overweight
1 million people will develop diabetes
1200 people will die from unnecessary surgeries

The list above is the short list. What makes this even more of a concern is the fact that cancer, diabetes and obesity are all preventable illnesses. More importantly, Dr. Baruch revealed that we can cure ourselves of every ailment known to man. More people are sick than ever before and this is a result of us destroying our immune system through this consumer culture. We live a sedentary lifestyle, we have a poor diet and we are under stress. We are naturally vegetarians, yet meat has become a part of all three meals per day. This was not always the case. Eating meat as a part of every meal is actually a response to commercialism. Dr. Baruch shared that our diet has been shaped through human sociology. He also went on to state that, “Emotional energy is what people consume when they eat animals. We are eating the last emotion the animal felt before death. Eating chicken, one consumes the mind of a chicken. The mind is throughout the entire body.”

The truth is that most of us will not stop what is killing us because we have low self worth. The body is the temple. The temple cannot be preserved by introducing things that will not sustain it.

Where did we go wrong with our health? Dr Baruch made it very clear.
Eating a poor diet
Not getting enough sleep
Not drinking enough water (When we feel thirsty, that is actually the last indicator of dehydration.)
Not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables which give us enzymes
Eating meat (Meat takes away from the body because enzymes have to come from the body in order to break it down.)
Having too much stress in our life, stress actually affects our organs

Please take note that it is not in the best interest of the food, health or the pharmaceutical industry for you to be healthy. The health industry will tell you to drink cow’s milk for strong bones and teeth; however this is the food item with the most bacteria in it. The responsibility of the food industry has become to break down the immune system of its consumers. The food we eat is filled with preservatives which are toxic. When toxins build up in fatty tissue, the body produces more fatty tissue. We then go to the doctor after consuming all this bad food. We expect them to heal us. Instead of treating the illness, doctor’s treat the symptoms. You might feel better, but you have not been healed. The pharmaceutical industry and the food industry are working together to get and keep people sick.

Dr. Baruch’s list of foods we should not eat:
Partially hydrogenated oil (This shuts down the body’s ability to break down fat.)
Artificially flavored foods
Artificially preserved foods
Processed foods with ingredients that cannot be pronounced
Processed white flour, sugar or rice
Meat or meat by-products
High fructose corn syrup
Seafood (Fish has toxic mercury and other toxic chemicals.)

Dr. Baruch’s to do list:
Take weight, divide it by two and drink that in ounces
Exercise three times a week
Take a multiple vitamin
Take a mineral supplement
Take a digestive enzyme
Consume more raw organic fruits and vegetables
Eat more green foods
Meditate daily for a minimum of 15 minutes
Cleanse and Detox
Fast once per week (allow your body to rest)
… and don’t forget your affirmation, “I love myself and I work daily to keep myself healthy!”