Saturday, December 16, 2006

CFF Ghana Africa on the move

Cape Coast Making A Big Impact!
Akote Bikeeah KNN Dimona
& Ahk Levi KNN Ghana

All is moving well in the name of the Chosen First Fruit here in Ghana, West Africa. We are proud to announce that we have officially opened Edentech, our internet café in Cape Coast, Ghana! Our grand opening was dated October 25, 2006. With 16 workstations and a comfortable working environment, we offer services such as computer training, computer repairs and maintenance, servicing and assembling of computers as well as computer and internet access. Our patronage is increasing each day as more people are realizing that our café is the fastest so far in the whole region if not the whole of Ghana, due to the new wireless technology we have introduced.

Edentech is being managed and owned by Levi Komi Amegah, who is 32 years young and has been working with the Kingdom for the past seven years. He currently lives in Cape Coast, Ghana with his wife and 2 children and was blessed this past New World Passover to visit our Village of peace for 4 weeks. He says, “It was a blessing for me to be at home the last season. I learned much and have a lot of motivation from the CFF at home, particularly from the way they carry all the activities of the nation. This shows that we are really the first fruits! I’ll be happy to be there every year!! Send my shalom to all, and forward it to the council that we shall continue the divine duty until we achieve our aim!!!” While at home, Levi was blessed to meet Ahk Ovadyah and his brothers Ahk Shemuel and Yahoashoah who are the owners of GT Banner EDC (Economic Development Corporation), an international corporation whose charter it is to develop business across the world. Levi is now the international director of GT Banner EDC who are also co owners of Edentech.

Another impact the Chosen First Fruit in Cape Coast are having is with our food trailer named Asasee-Pa Vegetarian Joint at the Cape Coast University. Assasse Pa is open 6 days a week from Rishone to Sheshee from 9:30am to 7pm and serves both local and continental vegan dished. There is also a small health food shop on site where products from our tofu factory in Tema, Ghana are sold. Asasee-Pa Vegetarian Joint is managed by A. Eleeanah, A. Levi’s wife. She has two staff members who help with outside sales and on the food trailer. “The students are waking up in terms of their diet due to our presence at the university. We want to extend our appreciation to all those who have contributed to the success of this project, particularly Ahk Taviel.” Levi states.

Bio's on our brothers and friends in Cape Coast Africa

We are the owners of GT Banner EDC(Economic Development Corporation), an International Corporation; our charter is to develop businesses accross the world. Levi Komo Amegah is our International Director

Shemuel Bio: 20 years as a probation officer state of New Jesey, capacity as a supervisor. 3 years United States Army. Dedicated to the Israelite cause internationally for the past 33 years.

Yahoashoah Bio: 20 years with Long Island Railroad, capacity electrical/mechanical maintenance technician. Air condition and refrigeration specialist. Federal inspector on the railroad for 10 years. Dedicated to the Israelite cause internationally for the past 28 years.

Ovadyah Bio: Degree in Welding Craft Practice, Degree in Electrical Technology and BS in Information Technology, Licensed Realtor in the state of California, Mortgage Specialist and Investor. Dedicated to the Israelite cause internationally for the past 30 years.

Left to right: Shemuel Ben Yehudah, Yahoashoah Ben Yehudah and Ovadyah Ben Reuven.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

CFF Australia on the move

Recipe for Success Down Under
by Acote Yahvinah Eshet Darah

CFF Darah Ben Yisrael and his esha Yahvinah have within a year of returning to Australia from their 8 month spiritual soujourn to Israel and the Chicago extension, have established a catering company which is hailed as one of the most innovative & delicious food businesses in Melbourne, which boasts over 40 vegetarian restaurants (more than the rest of Australia combined).

Most of their dishes have been inspired by the tradiitonal Soul Vegetarian fare, but they have also strategically developed themselves with a market difference by offering a range of things that are exclusively not available in Australia, including over 20 flavours of the acclaimed tofu cheesecake, which has been featured in several magazines, and the standardisation of a gluten free menu which is to be on the way soon. They have also developed a user-friendly website to allow potential supporters to acces them easily from all around the world.

The pair have conducted classes, cooking demos, raw food retreats, and been interveiwed by several newspapers and national radio stations, with Darah becoming recognised in the Aboriginal community as a man who emphasises the health of his people, and remaining a testament that Yah Khai in this otherwise Euro-Gentile continent.

The most recent accomlishment, is their ascent to the finals of the Nescafe Big Break competition, which has already provided AU$15,000 (approx $11,000 US) to Soulveg Australia, and they still have an opprotunity to take an additional AU$85,000, which would provide them with the financial backing needed to open a full service Soulveg Resturant in Melbourne. This all goes to show, as long as their are 2 or more gathered in His name, Yah is with us.

For more information about Soulveg Australia visit
For more information about the nescafe big break competition visit

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dimona CFF Host Appreciation Week for Nations Elders

Elders Appreciation Week - Yom Sayvah 2006
By Akote Bikeeah

We would like to begin by first extending our heartfelt thanks to all of our international extensions for your continued commitment and support of our efforts here at Jerusalem towards Yom Sayvah.

Yom Sayvah is a special week in the Kingdom of Yah. It is the time wherein we express our love, our appreciation, pay tribute to and honor those who have gone before us to show us how it takes courage and fortitude on this path to reclaim our heritage. An elder in the Kingdom of Yah is not defined by age but by great servitude, wisdom, perseverance, strength, courage, patience, and faith. The elders in the Kingdom are an awesome group: they have faced deportation, imprisonment, food shortages, cramped housing – the list is too long. Yet, they endured, never doubting the power of Yah. And they are still building this great Kingdom. Among them are masters, marathon runners, agriculturists, artists, cohaneme, craftspersons, nutritionists, care providers, and so much more.

We gave tribute to nine elders: Prince Ahkeazer, Ahk Yaacov, Ahk Avraham HaCohane, Sgan Yitskak HaCohane, Queen Mother Avi, A. Kaninah, A. Etiyah, A. Benah and A. Renah. Our itinerary for the elders for the week included many activities including a day at the Sea of Life, a special documentary presentation, and closing banquet. The week commenced with a special Shabaht service in honor of our elders. A Divine Wisdom Hut wherein the elders shared their stories, testimonies and wisdom with the Chosen First Fruit and the Youth on the Move in particular. The gift ceremony was a night of dedications to our elders in form of singing, dancing, dedications and special gifts. Each family brings a gift to the gift ceremony for our elders, so by the evenings end our gift table is covered with love offerings to our elders. The Sea of Life trip afforded our elders the opportunity to enjoy soaking in mineral baths, jacuzzis and wet and dry saunas. During the week our children learn about our elders in school and are afforded the opportunity to show their love and appreciation at our school ceremony. For the past few years the school ceremony has been open not only to our elders but to the elders in the larger Israeli community. Gourmet meals were provided by each entity throughout the week and special relaxations were provided. Yah Khai!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Poverty follows families to the suburbs

Suburban poor outnumber their inner-city counterparts for the first time
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - As Americans flee the cities for the suburbs, many are failing to leave poverty behind. The suburban poor outnumbered their inner-city counterparts for the first time last year, with more than 12 million suburban residents living in poverty, according to a study of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas released Thursday. See: