Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Akote Laviyah running to raise money

Akote Laviyah to run marathon for the Support A Child Charity

Yah Khai!!! Please click on the attached link: to get more information on assisting Akote Laviah E. Nahum in rasing $10,000 for Support A Child International.

For more information on Support A Child International click on:

New York ban trans-fats

N.Y. City bans trans fat at eateries
By Jocelyn Noveck
Associated Press

NEW YORK - New York on Tuesday became the first city in the nation to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants, leading the charge to limit consumption of an ingredient linked to heart disease and used in everything from french fries to pizza dough to pancake mix. In a city where eating out is a major form of activity, many New Yorkers were all for the ban, saying health concerns were more important than fears of Big Brother supervising their stomachs. ``I don't care about what might be politically correct and what's not,'' said Murray Bader, nursing a cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts on Tuesday. ``I want to live longer!''

Health and nutrition groups say artificial trans fats clearly contribute to heart disease. Studies have shown they raise bad cholesterol and lower the good kind. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, the main form of artificial trans fats, is used for frying and baking and turns up in a host of processed foods: cookies, pizza dough, crackers and pre-made blends like pancake mix. See: N.Y. City bans trans fat at eateries