Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yom L'Mokereem Atlanta, 2012

Ascension Unto Yahwah Through Our Divine Culture
by WOV Ahkote Tovleeyah E. Ahtur Keymah

Yah Khai!!!
Yom L'Mokereem Samehyahk!

Moadeem L'Seemkhah!

In this Season of Divine Appreciation, the Distinguished Orders of the Men and Women of Valor of the African Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem, of the Atlanta Jurisdiction, humbly invite you to celebrate the Day of Appreciation (Yom L'Mokereem) with us.

This year's theme "The Ascenscion Unto Yahwah Through Our Divine Culture" was born out of our realization of just how greatly Yahwah has blessed us as a people, not with mere material wealth, nor a heavenly culture, nor with excellent health alone. We testify that we are blessed with a strong and mighty nation--a people, one of the greatest resources on earth!

Consider that, here in Atlanta alone, we are blessed to have our own divine natural hairstylists at Braids Unlimited, barbers at the Royal Crown Barber Shop, countless tailors, seamstresses, Boutique Afrika fully equipped to meet your needs for eco-shoes, keepote, kovaheem, Kingdom Fine African/Edenic cultural attire, our very own 100% cotton modest, beautiful, high quality Ascension Wear undergarments for the entire family, natural scented oils, etc., Royal Ginger Root natural beverage production company, Dream Kream, the non-dairy King soy ice cream, Solar Cookers, the Return to Royalty Juice Bar, two (2) world-renowned vegan resaturants Soul Vegetarian Restaurants numbers 1 & 2, vegan bakers, chefs, massage and colonic therapists, 100% natural, 100% Vegan and cruelty-free bath, body and home care products such as Dimona Greening, Gotcha Covered, Neem Botanicals, the New Soul Vegetarian Cookbook, such as Spoken Word Artist Fhena (Ahkote Ahdeerah), MOV DJ Ahmeenohn, divine inner-attainers on the Songs of Deliverance genre on Royal Kingdom Productions label, marketed and promoted by KOY Media, our very own Pure Ohio Maple Syrup supplier, our own publisher the International Wisdom Exchange (Communicator's Press) featuring the Truth-inspiring writings by our Anointed Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi and as well as Songs of Deliverance musical CDs, and countless other redemptive enterprises.

In the spirit of the theme and this season, let's seek them out to see how we may patronize and utilize their services in order to show forth our divine appreciation unto Yahwah for the manifold resources He has placed in our midst, and in fulfillment of our gifting needs. The service providers can make available gift certificates and/or gift cards for your purchase, as many of them already have done.

We know that if we want something done right, we have to do it ourselves. Hence, we encourage all who will participate in this divine celebration to seek "inside" entrepreneurs for your gift exchanges and tokens of divine appreciation.

May Yahwah be eternally praised. May He bless you and keep you, and may we be continually ascended unto Him through our divine culture!

To purchase tickets or to purchase/reserve tables, or Ohio's finest maple syrup, please call 404.668.2930. Leave a voice message or send a text if needed. For more general information on the aforementioned enterprises, please call us at 404 752 5194 or 404 875 0145.

We hope to see you there!