Friday, January 26, 2007

Divine Appreciation YOM L’MOKEREEM 2007

Yom L’Mokereem International Divine Appreciation Publication
Atur Ahliel and Aturah Timerah

Greetings in this glorious season of Love and Appreciation.

It is again with great pleasure that I announce the publication of the 2007 Yom L’Mokereem Special International Edition of the Divine Appreciation Newsletter in commemoration of our national season of love and appreciation and the 40th Anniversary of the Journey. As in previous issues, our objective is to present to you a unique forum for the spirit-filled expressions of the Sainthood of the Kingdom of Yah. Featured will be an overview of the major events of the past 40 years, Yom L’Mokereem activities, and an abundance of personal messages of love, dedication and appreciation to the Holy Father, personal family members, friends and associates alike. And now photos can be included with your placements. This is an excellent opportunity to express your individual thoughts and greetings or advertise your product or service.

It is our aspiration that we can have participation from all areas of the general sainthood and make this edition the best ever!

The lifeline for placements received is February 15, 2007

The approximate sizes and costs for placements are:
Full page (1 central message)........... $50.00
Full page (up to 27 individual blocks) ........... $70.00
Half page (5.25 x 7.5 in.) ........... $30.00
One-third page (3.5x7.5 in.)........... $25.00
Quarter page (5.25 x 3.5 in)........... $20.00
Individual block (1.25 x 2.5 in.)........... $5.00
Photograph (included with placement)........... $2.00

As a bonus, for each full page of placements you order you will receive an additional quarter page of space at no additional charge. This can be utilized as a gift to someone deserving or however you choose. A complimentary copy will be mailed to all saints making a placement of ¼ page or more..

Time is of the essence so please don’t delay. Take a few moments to write out your messages and submit to the Crowned Sister nearest you (payments must be remitted with your reservation) or email directly to Atur Ahliel (Please submit your payment arrangements with your ads).This is your opportunity to partake in a Kingdom tradition and let someone both great and loved receive your Divine Blessings of love and appreciation.

Tel: 972-8-6573082

US introduces new weapon to disperse crowds

Microwave beam weapon to disperse crowds
From New Scientist Print Edition

Tests of a controversial weapon that is designed to heat people's skin with a microwave beam have shown that it can disperse crowds. But critics are not convinced the system is safe.

Last week, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in New Mexico finished testing the system on human volunteers. The Air Force now wants to use this Active Denial Technology (ADT), which it says is non-lethal, for peacekeeping or riot control at "relatively long range" - possibly from low-flying aircraft. ADT uses a 2-metre dish to create a narrow beam of microwaves that can be scanned across a crowd or even aimed at individuals. AFRL is using infrared photography to analyse the heating effect on the volunteers' bodies.

AFRL says that the 3-millimetre wavelength radiation penetrates only 0.3 millimetres into the skin, rapidly heating the surface above the 45 °C pain threshold. At 50 °C, they say the pain reflex makes people pull away automatically in less than a second - it's said to feel like fleetingly touching a hot light bulb. Someone would have to stay in the beam for 250 seconds before it burnt the skin, the lab says, giving "ample margin between intolerable pain and causing a burn".

Little data

But critics question the AFRL's claims that the weapon's undisclosed exposure levels are safe. John Pike of think tank fears that the beam power needed to scare people may be too close to the level that would injure them. Air Force scientists helped set the present skin safety threshold of 10 milliwatts per square centimetre in the early 1990s, when little data was available, says Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News.

That limit covers exposure to steady fields for several minutes to an hour - but heating a layer of skin 0.3 mm thick to 50 °C in just one second requires much higher power and may pose risks to the cornea, which is more sensitive than skin. A study published last year in the journal Health Physics showed that exposure to 2 watts per square centimetre for three seconds could damage the corneas of rhesus monkeys. See:Microwave Beam Weapon To Disperse Crowds

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Generation Y's goal? Wealth and fame

Ask young people about their generation's top life goals and the answer is clear and resounding: They want to be rich and famous.
By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY

"When you open a celebrity magazine, it's all about the money and being rich and famous," says 22-year-old Cameron Johnson of Blacksburg, Va. "The TV shows we watch — anything from The Apprentice where the intro to the show is the 'money song' — to Us Weekly magazine where you see all the celebrities and their $6 million homes. We see reality TV shows with Jessica and Nick living the life. We see Britney and Paris. The people we relate to outside our friends are those people."

Eighty-one percent of 18- to 25-year-olds surveyed in a Pew Research Center poll released today said getting rich is their generation's most important or second-most-important life goal; 51% said the same about being famous.

In an annual survey of college freshmen by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles, 2005 data show that money is much more on their minds than in the past. The percentage who say it is "essential" or "very important" to be "very well off financially" grew from 41.9% in 1967 to 74.5% in 2005; "developing a meaningful philosophy of life" dropped in importance from 85.8% in 1967 to 45% in 2005.

See: and Gen Y's attitudes differ from parents'