Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program in Ghana has reached South Africa

Prince Immanuel spoke to the Land and Agriculture Committees, Culture Committee, and the Moral Regeneration Movement
Prince Immanuel Ben-Yehuda

The good news of the Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program in Ghana has reached South Africa and resulted in an invitation being extended to the African Hebrew Development Agency to send representation to meet with the National House of Traditional Leaders and attend the opening of the legislative season of the National House in Cape Town at the end of February.

Prince Immanuel Ben-Yehuda, the International Projects Director of AHDA and his Executive Assistant, Ahkote Yielah Eshet Nasik Gavriel attended the annual speech given by the South African President Thabo Mbeki, to African royalty, Kings, Chiefs, Queen Mothers, and delegations from South Africa and other SADAC countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

After the address by Mbeki, Prince Immanuel was invited to address the National House and explain to them the elements of Regenerative Health and Nutrition and also the Restoration Village Organic Agricultural Program presently being initiated in Ghana.

It is believed that these programs might have great impact in South Africa, especially being directed through the National House of Traditional Leaders as 70% of our people in rural areas remain under the leadership of Traditional Leaders.

Prince Immanuel spoke to the combination of the Land and Agriculture Committees along with the Culture Committee and then later met with representatives from the Moral Regeneration Movement to determine how the African Hebrew Development Agency might form a strategic partnership with NHTL to address the health conditions threatening the people in South Africa as well as initiate viable agricultural projects and education in rural areas to encourage young people to remain there.

The Chosen First Fruit youth organization (CFF) of the African Hebrew Israelites were featured participants in a conference organized by the Moral Regeneration Movement in the Eastern Cape in 2005. Later the CFF delegations organized another MRM conference in Johannesburg.

"It is important to know that we have not come here as guests and visitors, but as members of the extended family who have come to join hands, and add our experience to the solving of problems which we see as affecting many of our communities across the African Continent and around the world. Meeting with the Traditional Leaders, who are recognized as the custodians of the land and the culture, two essential elements to ensure our future of strength is most essential if there is to be progress among our people,"

Prince Immanuel said. "The Traditional Leaders and their authority must continually be enhanced as so much of the richness of our past which has sustained us to this point, is under their care. Therefore, we should consistently turn our attention to and work through with and through them in conjunction with the governmental legislative bodies to ensure the progress of our people."Prince Immanuel was also the featured speaker at an engagement sponsored by the Hon. Jacqueline Mofokeng, ANC Parliamentary representative from Gauteng.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cignon Introduces 2008 New World Passover Collection

Get Kingdom Fine with "Ghan Ha Cignon - Garden of Style" Attire
A. Eetiyah E. Rhavyah HaCohane

Ghan Ha Cignon is proud to make available to our international family the "Jerusalem Fine" New World Passover 2008 Collection. Tailor made garments designed for you in our international color for this year (standard red) can be ordered now!!

Innovative designs from Jerusalem with embroidery and or print are included on every garment.

Brothers and young male adults garments only: $65.00

Sisters and young female adults garments only: $65.00

Children garments: $40.00

Family/Entity rates are available and negotiable based on family/entity size. Shipping not included.

Garments for those traveling up to Jerusalem can be picked up at Cignon. Lifeline for all orders is March 31, 2008!!!!!

For more info contact: Acote Eetiyah E. Rhavyah HaCohane
International Sales and Marketing Representative

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fifth largest investment bank in US collapses

80-Year-Old Bear Stearns' Fall - Ripple Effect Felt
by Adam Davidson

The collapse of Bear Stearns, the country's fifth largest investment bank, is big news on Wall Street, but is it also affecting everyday people - the kind of people who work right in Bear Stearns' neighborhood?

Bear Stearns' collapse has a clear, direct impact on a few thousand people. Investors lost billions. Many of the 14,000 thousand employees might lose their jobs.

Other banks in serious trouble

Yes, and everyone is asking who's most at risk. Some of the names mentioned most frequently are UBS and Lehman Brothers, both of which have a lot of exposure to subprime and mortgage-related securities. Shares of UBS dropped more than 14 percent in Zurich on Monday, after news reports suggested the company is weighing deep cuts in jobs and assets and might sell off its U.S. brokerage business.

Lehman, meanwhile, recently announced it was laying off 5 percent of its workforce. At one point, Lehman shares plummeted 48 percent on Monday. The stock closed down 19 percent, despite assurances from Lehman's CEO that the company was not having cash flow problems. The firm is one of several financial institutions that will report quarterly results on Tuesday, and investors are bracing for news of further losses.

"All of them could cause significant market volatility," Randy Frederick, director of derivatives at Charles Schwab & Co Inc., told Reuters. "Fear is higher now than it has been in a long time."

Monday, March 17, 2008

African Hebrew Israelite healthy lifestyle model for the Caribbean

This historical event will make a tremendous impact the health, environment and economy of Jamaica
Written by Sharon Parris-Chambers
Submitted by Sis. Ahmahlyah E.S. Elyahshuv

Ben Tsedek Ben Yehdua, representing Everlasting Life Health Complex and Soul Vegetarian Restaurant will be exhibiting his conscious and healthy lifestyle model at the Caribbean VeggieFest and Health Tourism & Spa Conference.

Accompanying Ben Tsedek will be Minister of Agriculture for the African Hebrew Israelite nation of Jerusalem who will establish official diplomatic eternal relationship for mutual benefit to Jamaica as well as The Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem. The Minister will be arriving in Jamaica on March 13, 2008 and returning to Israel on April 4, 2008.

Dr. Minister Yadiel and his delegation will be meeting with relevant government officials to present his proposal on sustainability i.e. Organic Agricultural Training, Experimentation and Bio Diesel Production, which will foster economic development and employment in the rural areas of Jamaica. Dr. Yadiel will be giving an overview of his land acquisition in Clarendon (Spring Plain) and discussing his NGO achievement at the VeggieFest and Health Tourism & Spa Conference.

This historical event will make a tremendous impact the health, environment and economy of Jamaica and the Caribbean region, vis a vie Caricom and the CSME. Accompanying Dr. Sar Yadiel, will be other members of his delegation, Minister Malak Ben Israel, Director of Hasarah NGO, who will tour the island, as well as, meet with groups of indigenous Herbalists, Healers and representatives of the Jamaica Organic Agricultural Association and organic farmers and farming communities.

This would enhance their learning of the Jamaican Cultural milieu as well as give them the avenue to imparting his/their knowledge to our people.

Time permitting the delegation will be stage a speaking engagement at the University of Technology and or University of the West Indies.

Programme Sponsored by: Jamaica Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica Trade & Invest, Private Sector Development Programme, Jamaica Business Development Centre, Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica Wellness Network, Tourism Product Development Co., Resort & Day Spa Association, Sunday Herald Newspaper, Rhodes Hall Plantation, Hot 102 FM, Positive Tourism Network, Day Spa Association, International Medical Spa Association, Reggae Drops Water, JNN TV, HOT 102 FM, News 93 FM, Positive Tourism VIP Club & The Duty Free Association Entry to the venue is free; however, there is a charge for seminars designed for professional spa and wellness practitioners.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. For more details visit: or call Positive Tourism Limited at 876-381-1591 or 957-9243.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dead Man's Body Used in Attempt To Cash Check

Staff Reporter
The New York Sun

Two men used an office chair to wheel a dead man to a Midtown check-cashing establishment yesterday and attempted to cash his Social Security check, police said. The men were detained by police after onlookers noticed the dead body falling from side to side as the men pushed him along Ninth Avenue near 52nd street — but not before they entered the Pay-O-Matic check-cashing store and attempted to cash his check. The dead man, identified by police as Virgilio Cintron, 66, was the roommate of one of the suspects. He apparently died of natural causes, police said. The suspects lived around the corner from the Pay-O-Matic, and were known to the employees there.

The roommate and a third man, who was a friend of the deceased, reportedly left Cintron outside as they entered the establishment, pointing to him through the window when the cashier told them that Cintron would have to be present to cash the check, according to the police account. When the cashier asked them to bring Cintron inside, they exited the building, where they were confronted by an on-duty Real Time Crime Center detective who had been in the building next door when he noticed the commotion. The two men were taken into police custody, where they were questioned and may face charges related to criminal impersonation or check fraud. Cintron was taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Police did not disclose the exact amount of the check, but said it was small.

KNN: This story was written on January 9, 2008.