Wednesday, June 14, 2006

High heels and your health

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Shoes are your passion. You love shopping for them, trying them on and — most of all — buying them. High heels are the mainstay of your professional image and a highlight of dressing for nights on the town.
But your feet don't feel so great, and they look even worse. Forced too often into the tight confines of the narrow toe box of your high heels, your toes have bent into an unnatural position. As a result, you've developed bumps and areas of thickened skin that rub painfully against your shoes. Are your beloved high heels the source of your foot problems?
In fact, they probably are. High heels are one of the biggest factors leading to foot problems in women. The other is age. Frequently wearing high heels, along with the natural changes in your aging feet, can set the stage for foot problems.
How aging affects your feet
Over time, your feet become wider and longer and the natural padding under your heel and forefoot thins. Years of standing and walking flatten your arches and stiffen your feet and ankles. When you wear high heels — shoes with a heel 2 inches or higher — your foot slides forward in your shoe, redistributing your weight, creating unnatural pressure points and throwing your body's natural alignment out of whack.
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