Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unity Day Run 2011

Sacred Remarks by the Holy Father, Ben Ammi HaMasheahk at the conclusion of the Unity Day Run 2011
Dimona, Israel – Northeast Africa

To all of the Saints of the Holy One of Israel, Yahwah Qadosh Israel, Kagh Samayahk!

To reiterate in brevity, as Sar Elyahshuv has stated, we, the Saints of the Kingdom of Yah, are witnesses to the Truth of the words of Yah. I want all of you to remember that you are the ones that Yah has chosen to be His witnesses and we have to have a testimony. The world that is in opposition to Yah Yisrael is depending and leaning on their scientists with all of their heart soul and might to research the Holy creations so that they can invent and formulate a pill in order to circumvent the Holy creations, the sacred lifestyle and the sacred instructions of Yah Yisrael. Their eternal objective is to prove that they can create everything that Yah, the Creator of heaven and earth and all things therein, has made, without being obedient to His will.

Let it be known now and forever that we are on the "other" team. We have surrendered and have submitted ourselves to Yah’s Holy instructions. We believe and know, with all of our heart, soul and might, if we are obedient to those instructions and maintain the sacred lifestyle, we will achieve all of the things that Yah has promised.

At the appointed time, as stated, everyone will have to call their witnesses. We come forth every year, answering that sacred calling to be Yah’s witnesses, and are getting stronger and stronger. Every year that we come forth we show Yah Yisrael that we are not surrendering and we are not waiting on the "miracle" pill.

We have accepted the will of Yah Yisrael and the requirement of being obedient to His instructions. By following the instructions of the sacred lifestyle given to us, we know that we will achieve all of the things that have been promised by Yah.

In these, the latter days, everyone has to "put up" (present their witnesses/testimonies) as to who has the best "team"…or shut up. The stakes are high!: deliverance of Yah’s Holy creation and its sovereignty back into the hands of Yah, or eternal damnation (hell).

We are so happy! We, the Saints of the Most High have chosen the sacred way and have surrendered unto the will of Yah Yisrael and have vowed to be obedient to His instructions. The Kingdom of Yah on earth is the showcase for His sacred lifestyle and we are His witnesses that Unity Day 2011 – we were here!

I have perfect faith that by Unity Day 2012 and ascending to Unity Day 3011 we will still be here! But, all of those who are waiting on that pill you have got to "put up".

We, the Saints of the Most High, are on the other team…and what is that team called? THE WINNING TEAM!!

Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah!

Ministry of Divine Information at Jerusalem
Acote Taahmenyah eshet Sar Elyahshuv, Administration

2011 Unity Day Run - Dimona Israel

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