Thursday, February 25, 2010

35 Years of Yom L'Mokereem

KNN-Dimona, Israel
The Village of Peace

The African Hebrew Israelite Community is in the midst its 35th anniversary of Yom L'Mokereem (Day of Appreciation) Festivities.

Contrary to its name, the "Day" of Appreciation is a special time wherein acknowledgments of love and appreciation are exchanged between families, friends and loved ones of all ages locally and abroad for the entire second month (February).

As we near the closeout of this year's festivities, KNN hopes that this season of appreciation has been very blessed and exceedingly joyful! Remember to save up some of the fun, sweets and gestures of appreciation for next year's celebration!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Divine Ag Min. Yadiel Delivers Agri-Truth

Agriculture seminar slated for next month

Hosted by Antigua-Barbuda's Ministry of Agriculture African Hebrew Israelite Minister 'Sar' Yadiel conducts multimedia seminar presentation and Keynote Address

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Written by Theresa Gordon
Antigua Sun Online

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Institute of Regenerative Truth will be conducting a training seminar on the 4 March for local farmers and other agriculture stakeholders on the island.

The seminar entitled “Agrarian truth science” will focus on the dynamics of redemptive developments for African endemic communities, and environmental issues.

President of the Institute of Regenerative Truth Antigua Ammi Ben Israel told the AntiguaSun that the keynote speaker at the seminar, Sar Yadiel the minister of divine agriculture of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem community, who is a scientist of the soil, will be presenting the relationship to man and the environment and environmental issues facing our society today, namely, water and air pollution, environmental degradation through a multimedia presentation.

“He is going to use video/audio to deal with each aspect of the presentation and tie these into biblical law, how the laws of God and nature affect both people and the environment as well as, it will also show you a breakdown of the years over the last three centuries as well as the positive things different groups have done to restore it."

Israel said that the Hebrew-Israelite community is one based on the application of truth in every aspect of life; the connection to the land, and environment being of utmost importance and this community lives according the laws given by the creator.

Minister Yadiel will also give insights on how people can increase health and dietary standards and show how much the latter is depending on our ability to provide for and feed ourselves.

“The minister has developed projects in Ghana and Benin. During the presentation, he will also be explaining how to farm in an eco-friendly manner, and how farmers can make their own pesticides and fertilisers from natural waste."

The seminar will be held at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre on 4 March at 5:30 pm.

New US Food & Drug Report finds

Controversial diabetes drug harms heart
Internal F.D.A. reports are part of fierce debate over Avandia

By Gardiner Harris
New York Times

Hundreds of people taking Avandia, a controversial diabetes medicine, needlessly suffer heart attacks and heart failure each month, according to confidential government reports that recommend the drug be removed from the market.

The reports, obtained by The New York Times, say that if every diabetic now taking Avandia were instead given a similar pill named Actos, about 500 heart attacks and 300 cases of heart failure would be averted every month because Avandia can hurt the heart. Avandia, intended to treat Type 2 diabetes, is known as rosiglitazone and was linked to 304 deaths during the third quarter of 2009.

“Rosiglitazone should be removed from the market,” one report, by Dr. David Graham and Dr. Kate Gelperin of the Food and Drug Administration, concludes. Both authors recommended that Avandia be withdrawn.

The internal F.D.A. reports are part of a fierce debate within the agency over what to do about Avandia, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. Some agency officials want the drug withdrawn because they believe there is a safer alternative; others insist that studies of the drug provide contradictory information and that Avandia should continue to be an option for doctors and patients. GlaxoSmithKline said that it had studied Avandia extensively and that “scientific evidence simply does not establish that Avandia increases” the risk of heart attacks.

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Documentary Release- Beyond The Mountaintop

Gamariyahu Ben Yehuda
KNN-Dimona, Israel-The Village of Peace

I send you greetings from the Holy Land and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr/ Southern Christian Leadership Conference/ Ben Ammi Institute for a New Humanity(INH), a social development and research institution dedicated to the eradication of violence in all forms.

At this time I am blessed to be able to share news of the INH’s release of a profound documentary entitled “Beyond the Mountaintop: the Beloved Community, The Village of Peace.”
This video presentation explains the Civil Rights Movement and the profound work of Dr. King within its proper context in the overall Prophetic Redemptive Struggle as recorded by the ancient Hebrew Prophets in Biblical Scripture.

  • Learn about the “Penalty Box,” a 400 year captivity prophesied upon African Edenic peoples and lands.
  • Understand Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic role as a modern day prophet.

  • Explore the prophetic significance of King’s famous Mountaintop speech as revealed through scripture.

  • Discover the phenomenal story of the people that fulfilled King’s declaration that “we as a people will get to the Promised Land” to establish the long-awaited Beloved Community/ Kingdom of God.”

The world premiere of this profound documentary was held to rave reviews in the Village of Peace/ Shomrey Ha Shalom in Dimona, Israel and now available for international release.

To order, place inquiries, schedule a showing of the DVD, or receive information about the Institute For a New Humanity please call:
(215)469-6787 (USA)
+972-(0)52-533-4964 (Israel, include the "0" if calling from within Israel)

Peace and Blessings from the Holy Land,
Gamariyahu Ben Yehuda

Hospital infections killed 48,000, report shows

KNN Staff comments: "So, you're not feeling too well? You might want to really rethink that run to the local hospital. More importantly, you might want to rethink the relative ill lifestyle choices (seeds) that were made which resulted in illness (fruit).
It is far better to prevent sickness and dis-ease than it is to cure them!
Let a word to wise be sufficient... "


Pneumonia and blood-borne infections caught in U.S. hospitals killed 48,000 patients and cost $8.1 billion in 2006, according to a report released on Monday.

The study is one of the first to put a price tag on the widespread problem, which is worsening and which some experts say is adding to the growing cost of healthcare in the United States.

"In many cases, these conditions could have been avoided with better infection control in hospitals," said Ramanan Laxminarayan of Resources for the Future, a think tank that sponsored the study.

Sepsis — a blood infection — killed 20 percent of patients who developed it after surgery, Laxminarayan and colleagues reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

They studied hospital discharge records from 69 million patients at hospitals in 40 U.S. states between 1998 and 2006, looking for two diagnoses — hospital-acquired pneumonia and sepsis.

Patients who developed sepsis after surgery had to stay in the hospital on average nearly 11 days extra, at a cost of $32,900 per patient, they found. And just under 20 percent of them died.
Pneumonia patients stayed an extra 14 days after surgery, at a cost of $46,400 and more than 11 percent of them died, the researchers found.

"That's the tragedy of such cases," said Anup Malani of the University of Chicago, who worked on the study.

"In some cases, relatively healthy people check into the hospital for routine surgery. They develop sepsis because of a lapse in infection control and they can die."

The researchers said that 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections are diagnosed every year.

Many are due to drug-resistant bacteria, such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, which cost more to treat because only a few drugs can work against them. These infections can also be caught outside hospitals and some studies show that such community-acquired infections are also on the rise.

One estimate from Pfizer Inc suggested that treating MRSA alone cost $4 billion a year.

Measures to prevent infection are simple and include careful handwashing, hygiene and screening patients when they check in. However, these measures are difficult to enforce, many studies have found.

Monday, February 22, 2010

KNN's Celebrates 4 Blessed Years!

KNN: Realizing the Need & Timing of the Seasons
Celebrates 4 Blessed Years of Divine Servitude
Ahtur Keymah B.N. Aharon

Greetings to our beloved family, friends and read-ience. We at KNN are humbled that this month we've made it to the 4-year mark of reporting on breaking news from around the world!

We feel greatly privileged to have been able to serve you in our capacity, and we look forward to continuing to keep you up-to-date on current events occurring in all sectors of society as well as within the Hebrew Israelite Community at large. It is our prayer that our articles have been informative, enlightening, refreshing and thought-provoking.

Within these past 4 years we has been blessed with over 100,000 visits to our site and we are excited about reaching even more people in the years to come. It is our goal to continue to provide you with up-to-date news articles that will give you a broader understanding about the world in which we all live.

We thank you for all of your love and support, and again for making the choice to plug in to KNN!

Peace and Blessings.

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