Sunday, December 06, 2009

“The Power of the People”

KNN-The Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

The Power of the People was on full display November 25th at the 2009 People's Ball in Dimona.
Like all gala events in the African Hebrew Israelite Community, the ball featured divine inner-attainment provided by top community recording artists, exquisite cuisine, home-grown comedy in a royal and wholesome atmosphere.

But what made this night so memorable was a return to the roots of the Peoples’ Ball – that is, all proceeds were donated to the upgrading of one particular entity within the Dimona community, also known as the Shomrey HaShalom Kibbutz.

“We knew it would be the best,” exclaimed Elyeefah E. Nasik Danyel, one of the coordinators.

“In challenging economic times many service areas need a boost. Our history has shown that collectively we can do anything. So for us it was an opportunity to turn toward each other and accomplish this worthy objective.”

The annual event originated in 1988, she explained, as a formal event in the community to assist in improving one selected national institution. Over the years that principle idea had given way to sponsoring entities. The time had come to revive a good idea and the result was better than expected.

For the equivalent of $8 entry fee, those in attendance were treated to command performances by top artists from within the Hebrew Israelite Community, including, Ahdaiyah; Kasadyah; Taviel’s Dance Troupe; and Rinaht of the Chosen Band.

The show was masterfully headlined by Nadeev with a special accompaniment by the renowned Shadaiyah, who happens to be his mother. It was a night they will not soon forget.

But that’s not all. There were door prizes for ticket-holders, donated from several community businesses and your choice of two after parties – all for the price of admission.

The result: smiles on everyone’s faces and more than $1000 raised toward the renovation of the Hilltop Manor auditorium and multi-purpose center.

“Needless to say, when two or more gather for a righteous purpose, there also Yah will be,” Elyeefah continued. “You know you’ve met the mark when the following day everyone who was absent says they wish they were there. And those that were are still smiling. It was the best ever!”

Donations were received from individuals and community entities in Israel and abroad and everyone will share in the benefits of an improvement to a national institution.