Monday, December 22, 2008

Enjoy the gift of the KOY Toolbar

by Chashavyah Israel

Hundreds of people around the globe have requested to view the recent video of Israeli President Shimone Perez's historic visit with Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi Ben Israel at the home of the African Hebrew Israelite Community - the Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel.

To answer this request, a toolbar has been developed that can be downloaded with links to, KNN, KOY Media and the official Kingdom of Yah website.

Please click here to install . Download this toolbar and enjoy the Presidential visit and many other exciting and informative videos on the Hebrew Israelite Community- truly a blossom and a miracle in the desert.

Soon we will be broadcasting live content from YAHKHAI.COM.


2009 economic predictions

by Ted Allrich
The Online Investor

The Worst:
More mortgages default. As loans that were made with teaser rates (lower so borrowers could qualify) move up from teaser levels, some borrowers won't be able to make payments because they've lost their jobs or their income isn't sufficient. In residential and commercial mortgages, credit card defaults will grow. Jobs will become more scarce. As demand for goods and services decline, more people will be laid off. While the government will create jobs, the private sector will continue to show weakness and be reluctant to hire until demand for goods and services shows consistent strength. Housing won't rebound for a while, maybe not until 2010. Foreclosures will stay high as more people lose their jobs. Autos will continue to stack up on lots. Again, with unemployment high, buying a car isn't a priority. The automakers will get loans to keep them going but with plenty of government oversight. Government may take control of one or more manufacturers. If you like the post office, you'll love a government-run auto company.

Even with very low interest rates, borrowing will be limited as banks will only lend to the most highly qualified borrowers and only on certain types of assets (mostly houses or other real property). Consumers are shell-shocked at the moment, worried about their jobs, their mortgages, their futures. The psychology of borrowing too much has been broken. While interest rates will be low, getting people to borrow money will be harder.

The Best:
A new president takes office with a different approach from the last one. Whether he'll be right or wrong will take time to judge. The new WPA (Works Project Administration from the '30s) will absorb some of the jobless. The new administration is talking about building up the U.S. infrastructure-more highways and bridges or repairing old ones. Interest rates will stay low. With weak demand for housing and autos, credit will be cheap, for those who qualify. Qualifying will be the hard part, but loans will carry very low interest rates. Housing will stay cheap. With too much inventory, too much unemployment, too many foreclosures, and too many restrictions on borrowing, homes will stay at bargain levels.

As always, I could be wrong, hopefully on the worst part, not the best. But given where we are today, these predictions seem reasonable.

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Bitter cold, high winds chill Midwest

CHICAGO – Heavily bundled Midwesterners were shuffling quickly from place to place in a bid to spend as little time as possible outside in bone-chilling, subzero cold that was expected to last through Monday morning.

The big freeze was expected to last through Monday morning, the first full day of the official winter season, when wind chill advisories for the region were to expire. Snowfall was scant after the frigid air mass rolled in, but ice and high winds whipped up snow along roadways and made driving hazardous for holiday travelers. But the worst danger was from the cold — exacerbated by 20-to-30 mph winds that drove wind chills to 25 degrees below zero, or even lower, according to the National Weather Service.

Monday morning commuters in Dayton, Ohio, were greeted with zero-degree temperatures, the National Weather Service reported. It was in the single digits in Toledo, Cincinnati and Columbus. The gusty winds and cold also added to power-outage headaches, with more than 7,100 Ameren customers without power Sunday night, mostly in the Peoria area. In northwest Ohio, about 5,000 homes were without power. "We have a blizzard. We just can't see anything," said Sheila Hyde, an emergency dispatcher for Ottawa County along the hard-hit Lake Michigan shoreline. "I think people have finally figured it out and are staying home."

Authorities in Boston, no stranger to chilly weather, canceled public schools Monday and Tuesday in the face of an overnight freeze and wind gusts of up to 50 mph. In North Dakota, the National Weather Service said Bismarck was on track to break a 1916 record for snowfall in December. The city has had 19 inches of snow so far this month, and with 4 more expected Monday night, the record of 21.7 inches could be shattered.

Associated Press writers Carla K. Johnson and Megan Reichgott in Chicago, Amy Lorentz in Des Moines, Iowa, and Gene Johnson in Seattle contributed to this report.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Satisfy your palate this holiday at Soul Veg

Soul Vegetarian Restaurants are OPEN throughout the holiday season

Picture this: you're done with the whole gift thing, and the entire family is itching to get out of the house. If cooking or warming questionable leftovers just doesn't sound appealing, we have good news for you: There are more than a handful of restaurants open on any holiday. And no matter what your religious views on the holiday, make sure to tip your server with something more than good cheer.

(Photo caption: Nashamyah Isreal offers vegan cheer to all at Soul Vegetarian East, 205 E. 75th, one of the many eating-out options on Christmas Day.)

Go meatless at Soul Vegetarian East, 205 E. 75th, (773) 224-0104.

Spread cheer to your vegan and soul food-lovin' friends at this South Side stalwart. If you live up north, it's worth the trek. And because it's run by African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, they're open Christmas Day.

Break away from your meaty traditions with appetizers like battered cauliflower or hearty brown lentil soup. Try the wheat gluten Garvey Burger, named after Marcus Garvey, the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). If it's available, don't miss the vegan sweet potato pie for dessert.

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