Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'Africa Speaks', London Listens

Esther Stanford's 'Africa Speaks' radio show enlightened London's African communities during 'holiday' season

Soferet Baht Yehuda

KNN-British Isles

Reflective members of Voice of Africa Radio's listening audience have a lot to think about as the Christian 2009 New Year season kicked in, as the taboo-busting broadcaster Esther Roniyah Stanford-Xosei of the Pan African Reparation Coalition in Europe (PARCOE) launched the 'holiday' season with the talk show topic 'Who was Jesus?', posing questions such as 'What is the Origin and Meaning of Christmas?'

She then closed the holiday seasons series with the 'Ghana Presidential Election results' and 'What has the conflict in the middle East got to do with Africans?'

The latter topic, fresh on the minds of the recent Israel-Palestine war drew wide-ranging perspectives from Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel to pro-Truth by Dr. Ahtur Khazriel Ben Yehuda, Directorship of the Holy Jerusalem Writers' Conference, recently convened in Dimona, Israel.

'Voice of Africa Radio' is the UK's first and only licensed African radio station broadcasting on 94.3FM and http://www.voiceofafricaradio.com/.

States Sister 'Ekua' (her radio programme name):
'Africa Speaks' is always broadcast live and is designed to promote reasoned dialogue (rather than debate) on some of the most pressing issues of our time. I also pride myself on the fact that the 'Africa Speaks' show which I present serves as being a conversational call to action which promotes community dialogue, enlightened scholar activism, astute analysis and problem solving from a Pan-African as well as internationalist perspective."

Sister Ekua, so also conceives the ideas for the programme does most of her own extensive research, produces and presents the show; said that she could not let this season pass without challenging our people to think about the roots of the festivity that they have embraced as their custom.

To stimulate the discussion for the 'Who was Jesus?' show, she had as discussants The African-Caribbean Elder Rev. Hewie Andrews of the Methodist Church and founder of the Queen Mother Moore Saturday School and Sister Yishibah Baht Gavriel-Curator of the African Edenic Heritage Mobile Museum (London) and Founder of the 'Yeshua 2000 Campaign-Jesus is Black' launched in Bristol in 1999 to counter the impact of the then millennium celebrations.

The Campaign was made into a documentary by a local television station. The two guests dialogued on the subject as Sister Yishibah asserted the historical and Hebraic account of Yeshua and his message, while the Reverend Hewie wrestled with the contradictions and inaccuracies of the theological confabulations.

Audience phone-in contributions brought a challenging dynamic dialogue with learned callers from as far as Accra, Ghana, outlining the role of the Catholic Emperor Constantine and his pagan origins grafted on to the 25th December Sun God worship.

Sister Ekua stressed that this medium of radio has a critical role in redemptive and regenerative Truth-centered dialogue and raising the geo-spiritual consciousness of African people worldwide. The only such radio discussion show in the British Isles, Sister Ekua is leading the way with her pioneering radio show.


Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago Dr. Ahtur Khazriel Ben Yehuda, Deao of the Institute of Regenerative Truth was the sole studio guest on Voice of Africa Radio, London with Sis Ekua on the troubled topic, ' Who or what is Israel and the question posed, by truth-seeking Sis Ekua, " Why are you, the Hebrew Israelite Community there?'

While this is currently the piece of a forth-comming article but suffice to say, the Crowned Dr. Represented at the highest level; significantly raising the level of 'Regenerative Leadership and Divine Scholarship' from the Institute of Regenerative Truth.

Dr. Khazriel outlined the Prophetic and Historical accounts of the peoples of the Promised Lands in relation to the hundreds of ethinc groups living in Israel-Palestine.

He traced the migratory path of the Jews and the significance of their presence in the Holy Land.

Significantly he stated to the listeners, that peace in the Land cannot be maintained by force nor matyadom..but by TRUTH!

He closed by stating that his community was in the Holy Land to be an example of what the true people of the Land must do.

More to come on the Crowned Dr.'s high profile and Holy Bold Tour in one of the dens of the Pan Afrikan Community Forums that is vociforously Pro-- Palestine. KNN was there to report.

Soferet Baht Yehuda KNN London

Anonymous said...

As an occassional Co-presenter on VOAR with Sis Ekua, I must share with KNN Bloggers how educationally stimulating and cognitively challenging, I find the experience. In many respects I consider myself in training as Ahkote Roniyah is so knowledgable and proficient in her craft and experience on Global scene in the African Affiars , that even when I am not in the studio assisting, supporting or co-presenting; I listen in just to be informed and enlightened by the calibre of guests in the studio and on the phone. I also like to phone in of e-mail in my comments.

Her subjects are always current whether local or international and her skills in navigating the various passionate viewpoints on a live show is amazing.

When she discussed Haiti in January, I was dumb-founded at the US political undermining of Haiti's current position and how Haiti has continued to suffer for giving her European mother's relative, France a 'bloody nose' in the Hatian revolution with Toussaint L' Overture.

Another subject which I recently enjoyed as a listener was the ' apointment of President Mummar Ghadafi as AU President and then African Kings and Chiefs anointing him as 'King of Kings.' This show was as hot as a 'Nigerian pepe soup' or 'Trinidadian roti and curry'.

African Continentals and Diaspora perspectives juxtapose and realigned in what was a passionate dialogue as the affable and skilled Sis Ekua moderated live on air.

I was in stitches as she let out her trademark giggle and calming comments; only to then 'juk ting'( Carribbean to instigate) some 'Yah- Advocate' position to get them going again. VOAR has to be a listening must in African-centered Dialogue at the highest scholar-activist level from a Truth- centered perspective.

The programme needs MORE Kingdom Scholarship and geo-political input from our Scholars and Saints; since the Hebrew Israelite platform is still a unique position within the global Pan-African-centered world view.

There is nothing like African dialogue live; as corse African Truth and views were let loose on air ; 'European Euphemism and platitudes' fled. Brothers and Sisters; please log-on and join in. I am having a time of my life as student, supporter, contributor, and specialist Co-presenter.

Soferet Baht Yehuda KNN