Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tune in to UK's Online Radio Programme 'Africa Speaks' with Sister Ekua

Africa Speaks with Sister Ekua (aka Esther Stanford-Xosei)
on Voice of Africa Radio on Britian's first licensed African radio station
Tune in every Yom Riviee / Wednesday
94.3FM or at
-8-10pm GMT
-4-6pm Eastern Caribbean Time
-3-5 Eastern Standard Time (New York, Atlanta, DC)

Whilst broadcasting show:
Phone (from within the UK): 0208 497 4643
Text phone: 0796 157 3883
Skype: voiceofafricaradio

Remember if you are having difficulties picking up VOAR on the FM dial in your area you can listen to the show live on the internet go to

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In this Yom Lemokereem season; I am taking the opportunity to express my profound appreciation of Ahkote Roniyah for her sterling and frontier-shifting work in the media sphere of Regenerative African-centered Radio Dialogue.

Also for providing a platform where Kingdom of Yah topics, views and perspectives an be aired in challenging yet constructive forum.

Todah Rabah for the Kingdom Jerusalem Guests that you have accommodated in the course of important promotional subjects/products and ideas.

In the midst of the battleground of the Pan African dialogue energy that can be confrontational and expressed as abrasive by some; the Kingdom contributions have tended to soothe and challenge in a healing and hope-generating manner.

Yom L'mokareem Sameahk Ahkote Roniyah
Your Kingdom family appreciates you.

Voice of Africa Radio Supporter and London Saint.