Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swearing Now the Blight of Britian

By Mark Reynolds & Martyn Brown
Daily Express.co.uk / Sunday Express

"This sort of language is damaging our culture and the way we speak to each other. Children as young as four, five and six are copying it and it is undermining our language. There is no place for unnecessary swearing on television."

-John Beyer, of Mediawatch UK

Swearing has become the curse of modern British life, with the vast majority of us no longer offended by bad language, according to shocking new research. Influenced by television, more than nine out of 10 adults now admit to swearing every day. And those who do not are often too fearful to challenge those who do.

The average Briton now swears a staggering 14 times a day, with 90 per cent of the adult population no longer fazed by the use of expletives. Our behaviour is heavily influenced by the increased use of bad language on television, say critics.

They want the Government to tighten controls. Broadcaster Esther Rantzen said last night: “Every body would agree that there is too much swearing on television and something has to change.”

Esther, who is patron of the Campaign for Courtesy, added: “It is becoming ludicrous and banal. We don’t want society to go that way too.” Chef Gordon Ramsay and controversial presenter Jonathan Ross are among the worst culprits.

And just last week chef Jamie Oliver had to apologise for swearing during an episode of his Ministry of Food series. He used the F-word no fewer than 23 times in 50 minutes.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you KNN for publishing this piece on the degenerate state of the British use of language in media entertainment.

Living here in London, I get livid about the proliferation of the use of expletives on T.V. Now I read more, have set up a Book Club and watch as little TV as possible, in partucular on the Live food programs by these so-called celebrity chefs.

We know that in the preparation of food the energy of the person affects the consumers of the meal. I often wonder about the impact of the food of these swearing chef on their clients. They probably end up swearing like him.

The English are known to be the most 'pompous but also most polite' in the Englisn speaking world; have found ranting swearing chefs to be entertaining TV. Not the majority though. Many do write in and complain and Gordon Ramsey was band from Australia and his contract withdrawn for his foul mouth rants.

A culture in degeneration....as our Righteous culture is in ascension. HalleluYah for Abba Ben Ammi and the Kingdom.