Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Israel’s President Pays Historic Visit to Hebrew Israelite Community

The President will greet and address community members
KNN Staff Correspondent
Ministry of Information

[Dimona – Aug 19, 2008] Israel’s President Shimon Peres will visit the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona Thursday, August 21, as part of a special tour of the Negev. The visit serves as a stage for a celebration of the President’s 84th birthday, marked August 2.

The community of 3,000 former African Americans is a featured stop in the President’s tour of the Negev Desert of town, which has become synonymous with the community members who arrived nearly 40 years ago, led by anointed spiritual leader, Ben Ammi Ben-Israel.

The President will greet community members, get an historical presentation chronicling the 4 decades of the Hebrew community’s existence in Israel, enjoy a performance by the choir and finally address community members. He will share the stage with Ben Ammi and Dimona mayor, Meir Cohen.

Over the years, Peres’ has been keen on developing the Negev, seeing it as key to the future strength of the state. In recent months Hebrew Community leaders have been meeting with Israel’s government officials putting finishing touches on plans to build a new settlement within the city of Dimona, to further showcase their unique lifestyle. The community hosts between 300 and 400 visitors each month from all over the world who come to partake of the pleasant atmosphere and their keys to healthy living, including a vegan-diet and natural food production, organic agriculture, and the most popular music groups in the country. The community has been proclaimed a “miracle in the desert” by the US Congress Human Rights Caucus and an “island of sanity,” by Israeli media.

Peres will also visit city hall, a local communications training center, and the Dimona library in the day-long excursion. At the end of the day, the town will host a mass birthday celebration for the famed octogenarian. “You can’t come to Dimona and not visit the Hebrew community,” a spokesman for the Dimona municipality said. “For people all over the world they have put the city on the map. They are the face of Dimona.”

For more information contact:
Yafah Baht Gavriel at 972 523 910 858
Prince Immanuel Ben-Yehuda at 972 524 886 926 or in WDC at (202) 360 4431


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william miller said...

first and foremost PRAISE YAH.All that i've read and learned about the Hebrew Israelites has been very inspiring to my personally.I pray that Yah will bless me allowing me to travel to your city to experience it for myself.
Bro Bill

BigBen said...

wow that is cool shemone prers is a great man i know from a personal meet and greet and to meet with another great man ben-ammi is like WOW yall know what it is.

Anonymous said...

The historic visit to the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, was significant in terms of the unspoken validation and acknowledgement of Ben Ammi and his Nation as being welcomed into the national and international Diaspora, geo-political and spiritual status of the Israeli government partnership and world Jewish diplomacy.

For years the Community has been deemed a cult by the religious status quo or a pseudo-Jewish non-entity. Yet Ben Ammi and his governmental structure of Elders, Ministers and Princes continued to factor themselves back into the Biblical and Torahic landscape of the HERITAGE and its history.

With the establishment of the SCLC and Ben Ammi Institute of Peace for a New Humanity, it has become clear that the extra-ordinary leadership of this un-assuming, wise and humble spirit is who he is.

To those who have ears to hear, the blessing is yours; to the naysayers and invalidators this is a terrible day! Not to be able to recognise Ben Ammi for who he is, is a great prophetic deficit in your consciousness and destiny. For seasons, cycles and times have spoken. I am a witness to Daniel 2:44 and Isaiah 2:1-5

I am blessed to behold as the new pages of the Book of Life is being written in my/our lifetime.

London, England. UK.

Anonymous said...


I am both surprised and disappointed at the patent lack of comment of celebration on this KNN Blog on Anointed Spiritual Leader, Ben Ammi's community visit from Israeli President Shimone Peres.

For the thousand of Saints world-wide and equal numbers of visitors and friends of the Nation; I feel at least more could have taken a few minutes to write the pages of our history by way of a comment on this historic event.

Remember our history is tied to our destiny as Abba Ben Ammi teaches. Our spiritual plight was to have robbed us of our history to cut of the name of Israel from rememberance.

The Great Prince Dr. S. B. Yehuda, former Scribe of the Lord ( Ben Ammi Hamasheahk)before his transcendence established the School of the Prophets, Institute at Jerusalem to raise up divine scholars and Scribes to rewrite the last chapter of our mis-represented history.

The Internet and KNN have provided us with a medium to become 'Witnesses to Ben Ammi's works in the Ascension of Divine culture' in Truth-centeredness, diet, dress, the performing arts, Hebraic Messianism and Metaphysics....." Yah Khai!"

Every paragraph that speaks to what we know of Ben Ammi and who He is must be written, every opportunity to qualify him gives observers the permission and courage to do the same.

It is all well and good to say it does not matter if others recognise Him as He will be recognised in due course. Or He will reveal Himself or Yah will unveil Him. Laziness or cowardice?! Too busy surfing, chatting or downloading?

I appreciate not everyone has access to an Internet site and not all who wish to comment is cyberspace-savvy. Even conceding that, the volume of comments from Saints world-wide is pathetic.

Come on Saints, log on to KNN and blitz this blog. As Abba said in the closing comments of His 45 Seconds to Glory DVD, He cannot witness by Himself for Himself--we must now become His witnesses.

Even the dignitaries and thousands of visitors who journey up to New Jerusalem, Dimona Israel may not realise the significance of their fulfillment of the Prophecy of Isaiah 2: 1-5.

Granted I like to write, but until the tales of the hunted are told by them the hunter; " tief and liar dat him is" will always glorify himself at our expense.

Abba, for the Father and His time I offer up Psalms 122, 'A Song for Zion' in the Pilgrim's Prayer--to New Jerusalem where the lion snuggles uo to the lamb in peace.

Anonymous said...

YAH Khai!

Thank you KNN for being our eyes and ears to this great historic event and others to come. We are truly living in the Kingdom Age. If you are waiting for the main stream media to report these events, for get about it. I give all praise to HaMasheak Ben Ammi.