Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breath of Life Classes - Online

Lesson #3 - What is the Love of Yah?
by Ahtur Keymah

Consider the following excerpt from "God and the Law of Relativity" by Ben Ammi:

"How does one go about receiving Yah's love? To receive the fullness of Yah's love, you must give yours in return. Yah's love is a priceless treasure, a most expensive pearl. When you get it, you will have given all that you have in your possession. Your love of Yah will then become a light into the reality of Yah's truth. You must become active on its behalf, with all your heart, soul, and might.

In the beginning it will take great courage to follow what will seem to be a lonely path, led by the will of Yah, to evince a Holy people unto the world. You will move from a casual, once-a-week religion to an undivided and all-consuming commitment to an entirely new way of life, founded upon "The Love of Yah." This love will cause true surrender and compliance with His Most Holy and Perfect will."

Question: How does one love Yah with all of their heart, all of their soul, and all of their might?

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Anonymous said...

By living according to Yah laws and commandments. It is not in what we say its in what we do. Yah know the heart of man. The word reads if you love me then keep my commandments

Anonymous said...

Yes, by living ones daily, weekly, monthly and yearly life according to YHWH's Laws and Commandments only. And most importantly, is the feeling of heart in which you do it. With honor, galdness, and joy.
It is the most precious gift, a blessing to and for us, Not Yah.
HalliluYAh Shalom to all.

Anonymous said...

The love of Yah is following the laws, obedient servitude and submitting all to a higher power without doubt!