Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KNN Tops Over 50,000 Hits

Over 50,000 people have "Plugged in" to KNN
KNN Editorial Staff

We at KNN would like to thank all of our international family for choosing KNN as you world news source. Thanks to you we have touched thousands of people from all corners of the earth.

We are dedicated to keeping you up to date on what's happening in the Kingdom of Yah and around the world. Yah's people are making a great impact on the earth today and it is our continued pleasure to bring our many testimonies to you.

We are living in very historic times and the world that we live in is changing very rapidly. We encourage all of our KNN family to stay up to date and what's happening in the world.

Thank you again for helping us reach 50,000 hits and please continue to "Plug In" to KNN as your world news source.

We'll see you again at 100,000 hits!!! Yah Khai!!!!!


Matanah said...

Halleluyah! I check-in every morning! Todah for all you do!


Anonymous said...

Yah Khai!

CNN match this Network for truth and relevence. I am now hooked into KNN and check it daily. I am also reminding Saints to check into the Network as British Isles News are now being featured.

Todah Rabah and congratulations
Ahkote Soferet BahtYehuda, London