Monday, October 20, 2008

British Prime Minister Brown hits out at 'unbridled' capitalism

Financial systems must reflect the values of "fairness"
Soferet B. Yehuda
KNN-British Isles, London

While maintaining that he was pro-business, the Prime Minister said certain "key ethics" were essential for a stronger economy. Mr Brown said financial systems must reflect the values of "fairness, stewardship and co-operation" cherished by families and communities.

"I admire the market's ability to release the dynamism and enterprise of people and so this new Labour Government is pro-business and pro-markets and always will be," he said."But I also know that we do not live by markets alone. I have long understood that markets rely on values that they cannot generate themselves.

"Values as important as treating people fairly, acting responsibly, co-operating for the benefit of all."Mr Brown said developments around the world were raising "quite fundamental questions" about the relationship between the government and the markets.

"The first financial crisis of the global age has now laid bare the weaknesses of unbridled free markets," he added. The Prime Minister's remarks came as hostilities broke out between the Government and the Conservatives over the financial crisis.

David Cameron sought on Friday to lay the blame for the looming economic recession at the door of Mr Brown. The Tory leader effectively ended what remained of the tentative political truce on the issue, arguing that the current financial crisis had exposed Mr Brown's policies as "a complete and utter failure".


tifaeny said...

Hay everybody in the Kingdom

I am sitting at the Library computer right know smiling looking up the Word Capitalism
because Republicians usually likes to throw this word around
Well don't it really mean that, the Prime Minister is taking up 4the privately owned producers of
Wicked Thinkers,
He should be ashamed of his self
He's a grown Man, who doesn't know how to share with his
Brotha's and
Living on Earth
Or is he a CLONE?

Anonymous said...

The seeming turn around by British P. M. Brown in the face of the crumbling U K. economic situation can be taken on a number of levels and from various perspectives.

1. There is a universal cosmic consciousness and dynamic in which shifting planetary and collective human cognitive paradigm are impelled by a spiritual force
of Truth energising, into which deceptive civilisations and their agents have to begin to invest in for their very survival.

2. Brown and Cameron are politically forked-tounged since to contradict the very platform upon which your very foundation is based while not prepared to change it fundamentally is the height of deception and validate Ben Ammi's charge in 'An Imitation of Life'

Brown and Cammeron are the opposite side the same coin like a two-headed monster driven by the insanity of adversal parlamentary politics. Will Brown campaign to end capitalism for 'All Things ain Common' wait and see!