Monday, October 20, 2008

Free "Green-Gifts" for Donations to KNN

KNN Staff

Greetings KNN Family. To help support our continued effort to bring you “Breaking World News” and the latest “Kingdom of Yah News” we are offering free “Green-Gifts” for your support and donations.

The job of KNN is to provide easy access to news and information, for people all over the world - free of charge. Over the past 2 years we have reached thousands of people worldwide and this coming year we hope to expand and reach even more people.

We need your support to keep our projects online: to pay for servers, bandwidth, staff salaries, office space, and other necessities. We also want to focus more attention on program development, particularly in communities that have little or no access to Kingdom of Yah information.

To this end we ate offering the following:

-Donations under $10 - All Natural Scented African Shea Butter

-Donations $10 & up - “Yah Lives - Go Green” Tee-Shirt

-Donations $20 & up - “Yah Lives - Go Green” 100% Cotton Reusable Shopping Bag

-Donations $30 & up - “Yah Lives - Go Green” Tee-Shirt & Shopping Bag

For more information contact KNN at:

Thank-you for all of your continued support.


Chashavyah Yisrael said...

Shalom My brother. is commited to your vision and we will be making a contribution. Todah for your Help and vision to speard the Kingdoms Information to the four corners.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Ahtur and staff at KNN,

Let me take this appeal for donation situation to uplift and commend your initiative and work at KNN. When I stumbled on the website some time back, I was jubilant that a media platform had been carved out to give voice to our world and and angle on their world from our selective criteria.

When Dr. Ahmadiel in his role as Ececutive Director of the African Edenic Heritage Mobile Museum stated in his shpiel on 'the Hidden Ones', " CNN did not tell it...." as one of the Curators based in England,I would think when would we get our own media to tell our story and there was KNN!!

I WAS ESTATIC! Besides I was always looking for opportunities to write from a Kingdom perspective as a Writers' Guild Awardee, where it would be published by the editorial team. When I sent articles to main- stream or even some Black media outlet, they would be either watered down or not printed.

So halleluYah for KNN! I believe if Prince Dr. S. B. Yehuda were with us in the flesh today, he would be contributing some incisive and scorching-pen pieces to KNN. No doubt some would have required Kingdom editorial treatment as Abba Shaleahk was always ahead of his time and off course the Prince of Judgement!!

So todah Rabah to you and KNN creative intellect. I pray that the nation of scholars and writers we are in KOY will be more forth- comming in our blog comments or submit features as even guest writers to KNN.

Keep on keeping- on!! khadeemaYah Oo-Meelah! You have my total support and todah rabah for the opportunity and privilege to write and to my teachers and mentors like Dr. AviMelech of Sacred Visitation Holy Land Tours, Dr. Ahtur Khazriel of the School of the Prophets, Dr. Emah Elidah Baht Israel formerly eshet Nasik Shaleahk Ahk Horahliel Ben Yehuda and Ahturah Yahdinah E. Ahk Horahliel and Prof. Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel all of whom are foundational teachers and builders here in the British Isles and influenced my intellect in the Kingdom scholarship genre.

I will support in every way possible. In divine appreciation and elevated servitude.

The keyboard is mightier that the nuclear bomb! But Truth is the downfall of the civilisation of deception!!!! You can tell like to write. Maybe this should have been an article.....

Soferet Baht Yehudah, London, England, British Isles.