Monday, October 20, 2008

Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi offers hope for a New World

Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi offers hope for a New World as Brown and Cameron’s rhetoric arrives too late.
Special Commentary by
Soferet B. Yehuda
KNN-British Isles, London

The cataclysmic repercussions from the Western world’s economic structure and its reverberations in the East are nothing short of Biblical proportions. However, spiritual wisdom from Leaders like Ben Ammi Ben Israel and his Government is cynically ignored in favour of conventional political and economic theories; like the elders teach, ‘educated fools are the worst ones.’ Brown, Bush and Cameron (BBC).

For over twenty years Ben Ammi has taught of the dangers of capitalism as an economic system and its mother ‘liberal democracy.’ Check the evidence.

While Britain’s Tory Opposition Leader David Cameron blames Gordon Brown, Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister for the economic fiasco, and Brown laments the dangers of "unbridled capitalism", the Government of the Kingdom of Yah, with great vigilance, continues to watch the leading nations of the world heading for a ditch.
Ben Ammi’s economic system is called ‘All Things in Common’ is based on the ethics of ‘Co-operative Economics.’ All institutions within the Redemptive Hebrew Israelite Community are Regenerative and life-centred.

This message is heralded to the four corners of the earth by roving Ambassador-at-Large by way of summits with governments and Heads of State. While some African governments have become partners, others remain locked into the comfortable psychosis of staying with the mainstream for fear of being ostracized and sanctioned. All too many are there who erroneously rest in their position under the umbrella of these systems, believing themselves to be safely shielded from the effects of a crumbling, eroded socio-economic system.

But there is hope, as Gordon Brown in the Yahoo News article above confesses, politics and economics do not have the answer. Or is there? It seems like they have been heeding Ben Ammi’s message from his CDS, books and on-line master-classes. Writing in his book ‘An Imitation of Life: Redefining what constitutes life and living in the New World’ pg.10 he warns of "the rise of the civilisation of deception, a people placing great emphasis on the dissemination of false information, deception..." Liberal democracy and capitalism are like a schizophrenic with split psyche. On pg. 148 he concludes, " man can move in harmony with two different beats at the same time."


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to believe that Ben Ammi, The Hebrew Israelite Spiritual Leader will, in the not-too- distant future be the most sought after Spirtual Advisor to the world's governmental leaders.

After all, he has pioneered and successfully created a social system and economic structure which has the components of equality, co-operative economics and a government based on 'Yahtocracy' and not democracy.

He must be the most visionary person of the modern age. History will judge him and 'them'

United Kingdom

Matanah said...

He is the Messiah! Ben Ammi HaMasheahk! Halleluyah! Yah Khai!