Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Evening Meal and Elevation Ceremony

Following the tour of Soweto we headed back to the venue, were water and juices were served, and the saints took a break to rest. After the break the main event of the gathering took place, which was the conference: “From invisible to visible”. We had two speakers from the Johannesburg Extension who highlighted the task that is before us. The first speaker was Ahk Mikaiyael Ben Shaul Ha Cohane who bought to us a State of the Nation address, entitled “South Africa: From anti-Apartheid to Anti-Yah”. Ahk Malchiel Ben Israel presented the keynote address, entitled “The Faithful and True shall break into Pieces the Euro-American Civilization.”
After this we were ready to close the Shabbat.

We then gathered again together for the evening meal and elevation ceremony in which over 50 saints from all the extensions received Hebrew names. As part of the Elevation ceremony Ahk Naganiel Ben Israel presented a brief history of the Southern Eden Extension. The Elevation ceremony ended the day’s events.


Yoel ben israel said...

Yah Khai!

Every time I witness saints of the Most High Yahwah gather to lift up his name and be lifted up, it brings sheer joy to me and add strenght to my hope that Emmanuel!(we got this). It is my frevent prayer that all our people wether or not they are aware of the truth that they are the children of Israel, will look at this site of Edenic/African people, standing, walking and being in splendorus glory, will be moved with the pride that I am moved by to see our people returning to our glory, returning to our cause, returning to our Yah.

Glory to the saints.

Glory to Yahwah Qodesh Israel!

Shalom! Shalom!

Jumaane said...

Shalom mishpahka! I am new coming into the Kingdom of Light, Truth, & Righteousness! HalleluYAH!!! I am very pleased to read of the movements of YAH Yisrael across the globe. This encourages me to move forward on this straight and narrow path. I am currently in absorption and eager to be elevated....to make it official. Blessed love and unity!!! YAH Khai!!!