Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day three of the Gathering

It was on to Day three of the gathering, which began, with a morning prayer after which followed breakfast. When breakfast was served saints were settled into to different auditoriums as separate Brotherhood and Sisterhood meetings commenced simultaneously.

At the close of the meetings a break was then taken so as to prepare for the concert, which would follow.The performances were a holy, energetic and inspirational. Personally I have never ever in my entire life enjoyed myself more as I did on that extraordinary day.

During the concert we also had the “African/Edenic Heritage Museum” on display for viewing by members of the community as well as our guests.

Later on in the evening before Dinner was served we had a National meeting, to close the meeting Ahk Rechav’am Ben Israel then read into our hearing a message to the nation from the Holy Father Ben Ammi Hamasheahk.

After Dinner the events of the day and the gathering were officially closed. Nevertheless the saints went into song and dancing and we stayed up well into the night.

On Yom Sheinee breakfast was served at 10 am. Representatives of each extension made farewell speeches and then the saints sang and embraced one another. This marked the close of the National Gathering.

We pray that Yah Yahwah help us to maintain the momentum received and also to strengthen the bonds established at this incredibly festive and sacred union.
Yah Yisrael Khai!!!


Anonymous said...

This is so Holy, Yah Kai!

Anonymous said...

Yah Chai! Shalom, I am so grateful that this article was posted, I had no idea of this historic event! Akote Yidedah was just here and we never talked about this having taken place.

Thank Yah for delivering the 45 second instructions to Abba Ben Ammi and allowing us to observe the unfolding of the Yah-Culture!

A. Yidedah make sure you report on your visit! Love and blessings to all - especially A. Nagoniel and Atur Shaul Ha Cohane. Akote Ahmahlyah B. Israel