Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day Two of Program

On day two our program took us to the streets of Soweto (as in picture above) were we had our very first Culture Pride Parade, on our way to Thokoza Park for a Morning Prayer. During the walk we made an everlasting impression on the minds of our people. Their comments were encouraging as we look forward in the future to connect with more of our people. After we had made supplication and sang songs of praise unto Yah and the Father we moved on to our next item, which was a tour of Soweto. On the tour we visited the Oliver Tambo square in Kliptown were the freedom charter of 1955 was first written, then we moved on to the Hector Peterson Museum in Orlando West which depicts the 1976 Soweto Uprising as well as other significant events of our people’s Liberation struggle.

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