Monday, January 07, 2008

Does milk really do a body good?

A nutritionist investigates the claims about the beverage
By Alan Aragon, M.S.
Mens Health Magazine

“Milk is a deadly poison," according to the Dairy Education Board. In fact, if you peruse this special interest group's Web site,, you'll find dozens of articles about the purported evils of this popular beverage. One claim, for example, is that milk from cows contains cancer-causing hormones and dairy industry dollars have kept that fact bottled up. All of which may leave you second-guessing your next sip.


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Anonymous said...

In a book, "The Black Holocaust and the Genocide Convention" by Donald M. Fuller, milk was described by the US Army in 1970 as a poison and that the racial differences in lactose intolerance were being researched along with sickle cell anemia to develop racially selective nerve gas or biological weapons of mass destruction.

The existence of such a weapon was announced in 1998, developed by the State of Israel in cooperation with the aparthied government of South Africa.