Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chicago to host 27th Annual Holy Jerusalem Writers’ Conference

This conference will be a special commemorative event celebrating 40 years of social excellence
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On October 13th and 14th The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem will host their 27th Annual Holy Jerusalem Writers’ Conference at the Alumni House and the International House at the University of Chicago. This conference will be a special commemorative event celebrating 40 years of social excellence. Using the social platform of “regenerative truth” The African Hebrew Israelites have eliminated poverty, terminal diseases, illiteracy, HIV AIDS etc. this event will showcase international scholars, writers, historians political leaders and entrepreneurs within the global community who have become impact players within this social phenomenon. Today The African Hebrew Israelites stand as an exemplary model for all truth centered people who desire to live in a reality of earthy paradise.

A Brief History
The African Hebrew Israelites are the largest, repatriated settlement of African Americans outside of the United States; May 2007 marked their 4th decade existing as an independent and self-sufficient community. Having developed their social platform on the concepts of regenerative truth and health literacy, they have successfully eradicated all of the social decadence and infirmities that has historically plagued African Edenic communities worldwide. This social excellence has gained them the reputation of being an “Island of Sanity”.

The African Hebrew Israelites believe that the majority of Africans brought to the Americus during what was called the “Trans Atlantic Slave Trade” where descendants of the Biblical Israelites. Their arrival to the Northern Hemisphere was due to a prophetic mandate that was socially designed to execute God’s chastisement and judgment on them for forsaking His sacred laws and ordinances.

This period of prophetic judgment conclude in 1967 with the appearance of a spiritually centered young man, Ben Ammi. Under His Divinely inspired leadership, Ben Ammi, encouraged approximately 350 Brothers and Sisters to turn their hopes for liberation and reparation to the redemptive ideas of the African-Edenic Hebrew Prophets. According to the prophetic agenda, 1967 marked the time for the great exodus from the United States back to Israel, the land of the promise.

Their initial sojourn took them to Liberia, the West Coast of Africa, where according to prophetic mandate; they would have to return back to Israel via the same way which they had left. It was on the West Coast of Africa that European Slavers carried them off to the Americus. Also, Liberia was the only West African State that had an open door policy to receive African repatriating from the Americus.

They remained in Liberia for approximately 2 ½ years with the sole purpose of eradicating the negro phobia and negative growth which had consumed them while existing in the slave orientated society for over 400 years. This process was a means of spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation. In 1968 the first members moved into Israel and by 1969 Ben Ammi had managed to move the entire group into Israel. After a nearly 20 year political tiff with the government of Israel over the issue of conversion, The African Hebrew Israelites were accepted into the cultural populace of Israel based on their own idea of Judaism which was founded on the historical and regenerative concept of national identity, not religion. In 2000 they received permanent residency solidifying their community as a legitimate component of Israel society. However, their contribution has been and will continue to be spiritual in order to display the “redemptive” reality that Israel, as the Holy Land is the Spiritual center of the earth.

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