Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Order Your Seasoned & Roasted Nori Sheets Today

"Seaweed has been described as the most nutritious form of vegetation on this planet"
Eliyahav Amiel-Marketing Agent
KOY-Charleston, N.C.

Premier Seaweed, Inc. is proud to introduce the most tasty nori sheets on the market today. Not only will you enjoy the flavor; your body will benefit from the minerals and vitamins (see Seaweed FAQs) found in this delightful sea vegetable.

At the time of the atomic bombing, Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D. was director of the department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis's Hospital in Nagasaki and he fed his staff and patients a strict diet of brown rice, miso soup, sea salt and Sea Vegetables.

By imposing this diet on his staff and patients, no one succumbed to radiation poisoning whereas the occupants of hospitals located much farther away from the blast incident suffered severe radiation fatalities. Much of this positive result has to do with then fact that the Sea Vegetables contain substances that bind radioactive particles and escort them out of the body. This is why seaweed sales usually skyrocket after radiation disasters, and why various seaweed and algae are typically used to treat radiation victims. In short......"

"There is no family of foods that are more protective against radiation and environmental pollutants than Sea Vegetables"...Dr. Steven Schecter, N.D.

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Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low calorie and one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom!!! No MSG!!!

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