Friday, September 21, 2007

Special Holy Day Series - The Biblical High Holy Days

The Appointed Seasons of Yah
Part 3
by Yehuda H. Cohane

Yom Kippur, is a one day solemn Sabbath observance wherein we are to seek reconciliation and atonement with Yah, and with one another. The higher understanding of the affliction of the soul is when one truthfully acknowledges his error, and truthfully regrets what he or she has done that was offensive unto Yah or to their brother or sister. Atonement means to be willing to stand for truth in righteousness, as an acknowledgment of the embarrassment of one’s past.

Yom Kippur is the most important day of reconciliation in the Hebraic calendar. Reconciliation should however, take place continually throughout the year, in the maintainence of a righteous ecology of people. We must be sensitive to one another in order that we be able to overcome adversarial forces that are in opposition to Yah and what he is trying to create.

The affliction of your soul during Yom Kippur is a symbolic affliction to remind us that there is something that we must feel. Each year the fast from the desires of the flesh and suffering the embarrassment of your past actions, reminds us of the pain that we caused Yah and our people. Without feeling this pain or affliction, you cannot make proper atonement or be reconciled to Yah and one another.

Repentance or change can only take place when there is deep regret for the pain that you have caused someone else to feel by the things that you said or did to them. We have to feel the pain we caused the Creator when we turned our backs on Him.

It is because of the fall of the Sons of Light, the Children of Israel, that all this hell exists on the planet today. All the death, pain, sickness and disease that plague the human family came about because our fathers turned their backs on the Holy One of Israel.

"The greater goal is to cause the Adamic Family to be refortified with the source of its creation, which is the mind of Yah. This strengthens the Adamic Family’s ability to resemble/personify Yah in the creation."

The Spiritual Signifigance of the Sabbath and Holydays by the Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem

Therefore our prayer is that you truly embrace the seriousness of this coming season while yet rejoicing in the accomplishments of forty years of reconciliation with Yah Yisrael. We made this journey, now look at the inheritance that we are giving to our children: the yoke of our oppression is gone, our generations will never be conquered again, the book/seal of the prophecies is open, we are exposed to Truth all day every day, our prayers are now being heard, we are restored to Genesis 1:29, need we say more.

Forty years have passed and all of the things that our Fathers had done that we had formerly inherited have now passed into history. The Kingdom of Yah has truly come!


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