Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Documentary Release- Beyond The Mountaintop

Gamariyahu Ben Yehuda
KNN-Dimona, Israel-The Village of Peace

I send you greetings from the Holy Land and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr/ Southern Christian Leadership Conference/ Ben Ammi Institute for a New Humanity(INH), a social development and research institution dedicated to the eradication of violence in all forms.

At this time I am blessed to be able to share news of the INH’s release of a profound documentary entitled “Beyond the Mountaintop: the Beloved Community, The Village of Peace.”
This video presentation explains the Civil Rights Movement and the profound work of Dr. King within its proper context in the overall Prophetic Redemptive Struggle as recorded by the ancient Hebrew Prophets in Biblical Scripture.

  • Learn about the “Penalty Box,” a 400 year captivity prophesied upon African Edenic peoples and lands.
  • Understand Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic role as a modern day prophet.

  • Explore the prophetic significance of King’s famous Mountaintop speech as revealed through scripture.

  • Discover the phenomenal story of the people that fulfilled King’s declaration that “we as a people will get to the Promised Land” to establish the long-awaited Beloved Community/ Kingdom of God.”

The world premiere of this profound documentary was held to rave reviews in the Village of Peace/ Shomrey Ha Shalom in Dimona, Israel and now available for international release.

To order, place inquiries, schedule a showing of the DVD, or receive information about the Institute For a New Humanity please call:
(215)469-6787 (USA)
+972-(0)52-533-4964 (Israel, include the "0" if calling from within Israel)
email: holyland@netvision.net.il

Peace and Blessings from the Holy Land,
Gamariyahu Ben Yehuda

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