Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Divine Ag Min. Yadiel Delivers Agri-Truth

Agriculture seminar slated for next month

Hosted by Antigua-Barbuda's Ministry of Agriculture African Hebrew Israelite Minister 'Sar' Yadiel conducts multimedia seminar presentation and Keynote Address

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Written by Theresa Gordon
Antigua Sun Online

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Institute of Regenerative Truth will be conducting a training seminar on the 4 March for local farmers and other agriculture stakeholders on the island.

The seminar entitled “Agrarian truth science” will focus on the dynamics of redemptive developments for African endemic communities, and environmental issues.

President of the Institute of Regenerative Truth Antigua Ammi Ben Israel told the AntiguaSun that the keynote speaker at the seminar, Sar Yadiel the minister of divine agriculture of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem community, who is a scientist of the soil, will be presenting the relationship to man and the environment and environmental issues facing our society today, namely, water and air pollution, environmental degradation through a multimedia presentation.

“He is going to use video/audio to deal with each aspect of the presentation and tie these into biblical law, how the laws of God and nature affect both people and the environment as well as, it will also show you a breakdown of the years over the last three centuries as well as the positive things different groups have done to restore it."

Israel said that the Hebrew-Israelite community is one based on the application of truth in every aspect of life; the connection to the land, and environment being of utmost importance and this community lives according the laws given by the creator.

Minister Yadiel will also give insights on how people can increase health and dietary standards and show how much the latter is depending on our ability to provide for and feed ourselves.

“The minister has developed projects in Ghana and Benin. During the presentation, he will also be explaining how to farm in an eco-friendly manner, and how farmers can make their own pesticides and fertilisers from natural waste."

The seminar will be held at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre on 4 March at 5:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

the earth will give its strength to those who live by truth and respect the sacred relationship established by Yah. Plants,fauna,water,minerals,soil,and living creatures perform the role that given them by the creator. The adamic family is the source of calamity Teach Minister cry aloud and spare not

Anonymous said...

As Divine the Minister prepares to deliver the ecologically revolutionary information in Antigua on the Bray S'heet concepts of the Ascension of A-d-a-m-a.

Minister Yadiel should prepare himself for Barbados in August 2010 when the following event willbe taking place.

He has the keys...through the ascension of Adam...
(Barbados, August 3 - 8, 2010)

The Fifth Assembly Of Caribbean Peoples will constitute a coming together of activists and popular organisations from across the Spanish, English, French and Dutch speaking regions of the Caribbean focussed on designing Caribbean solutions to such challenges as:-

the international financial, economic and debt crisis that is threatening to devastate the Caribbean;

the prevailing balkanisation, fragmentation and colonial domination in the Caribbean;

our persistent failure to harness the resources of the Caribbean for our own collective industrialisation and development;

the many severe environmental challenges that threaten the long term survival of the Caribbean and its people;

our lack of food security and the manifestly unsustainable food import burden that the region is bearing;

the many substantial health and educational defects that continue to retard the development of the Caribbean;

the terrible scourges of crime, illegal drugs and racial disharmony that bedevil several Caribbean countries;

the many cultural and political factors that continue to retard the development of our identity as a Caribbean people belonging to a unique Caribbean Civilization.

Please do not forget to drop in at the Rainforest..the Princess will be there to greet you....

Rainforest Princess--Trinidad and Tobago