Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unity Day 2009 Hebrew-English Seminar

Nahtahn Ben Ahmeshadye
Unity Day Planning Committee 2009
KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

This year's Unity Day Theme:
"Servant/Leader = Total Performance = A Decade for Our Youth"

"And in the days of these kings shall the Yah (God) of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdom, and it shall stand forever".
Daniel 2:44

For this Year's Unity Day, we reflect back to this year's National History Month and inaugurated "A Decade for the Children", and like unto the National History Month directorate, we the 2009 Unity Day Planning Committee have pursued the season at hand.

Many of our future Servant/Leaders will emerge in the next decade. This being so, we must prepare out youth. 'Total Performance' is what was heard in today's seminar.

The young sons and daughters who presented today were raised in this "redemptive struggle".

Liken unto the Great Servant/Leader Extraordinaire Ben-Ammi, we bear witness to His works: Total Performance for His Yah and His people. Today, as Servants/Leaders Extraordinaire, we must prepare our youth to be Yah's (God's) Leaders: able men and women, Yah-fearing men and women of Truth, haters of covetousness, wise and understanding men and women whom are known among the people. Today, you will hear the testimonies to the vision and future of the Kingdom of Yah as seen by our youth.

The Order of the Day - WE SERVE.

The Unity Day 2009 Hebrew-English Seminar's featured speakers and their topics were:

-Ahk Yahonatan Ben Acaviyah-Chosen First Fruit (CFF)
Brotherhood Chairman of the Unity Day Planning Committee 2009
"The Historical-Prophetic Dynamics of the Servant/Leader"

-Tsifoonah Baht Sar Elyahshuv-Youth on the Move (YOM)
"The Importance of Being My Brother/Sister's Keeper"
(presentation given in the Hebrew language)

-Horaliel Ben Ahk Horaliel & Ben Immanuel Ben Nasik Immanuel-Youth on the Move (YOM)
"The Seven Principles of Divine Leadership"
(presentation given in the Hebrew language)

-Yanah Baht Tsadok-Youth on the Move (YOM)
"Rewriting the Proverbs as it Relates to the New Vision"

The New Jerusalem Fire Choir did two selections after the break.

-Ahk Ovadiyah Ben Nasik Gavriel HaGadol-Chosen First Fruit (CFF)
"Comprehending and Continuing the works (of our Fathers)"

-Ahkote Markeeyah Eshet Sapeer-Chosen First Fruit (CFF)
"Analyzing the Servant/Leader Concept from the Perspective of Health",
(presentation given in the Hebrew language)

-Ahk Elrahm Ben Zockriel-Chosen First Fruit (CFF)
"Explaining/Summarizing the Theme from the Perspective of the CFF and the YOM"

Abbah Ben Ammi's closing comments were that the youth's presentations were very impressive. It was not only the works of Dr. Ahtur Khazriel and Nasik Aharon being part of the Scholarship Body and preparing them for today's seminar, but that each and every one of the Saints of the Kingdom also contributed to their testimonies and to their overall presentations today.

Ahk Nahtahn added, that the presenters expressed that they did not come to take the place of their fathers and mothers--the great leaders of the Kingdom, but to come to assist in building this great and mighty Kingdom, for it is Truth that inherits the manifestation of what we today bear witness to.

Ahk Ovadiyah made a thought-provoking comment that, saying "We've heard the proverb that you know a tree by the fruit it bears, and that now is the time for the fruit to prove that it came from this tree!"

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