Friday, July 24, 2009

Unity Day 2009 Has Begun!

The Hebrew Israelite Community inaugurates its Unity Day 2009
KNN-Village of Peace
Dimona, Israel

The Hebrew Israelite Community officially inaugurated its Unity Day 2009 festivities on Yom Khamishee (Thursday) at sunset with the Unity Day Communal Prayer in all cities in the Holy Land wherein community members reside--Arad, Mitzpe Ramon, Tiberias and Tel Aviv.

Despite its name, "Unity Day" is actually a week-long celebration, normally held bi-annually, and occasionally annually in the Dimona Community, as well as in various other extensions of the Community throughout the world. Unity Day is a time wherein members and guests celebrate the diversity and the beauty of oneness within the Community.

Everyone participates in the week's activities, in particular, the Divine Jerusalem Brotherhood, the Divine Jerusalem Sisterhood and the Youth on the Move (YOM)--the body of youth from age 13 up to pre-adulthood. These two bodies encapsulate the great majority of the Community.

Following the Unity Day Communal Prayer, the Unity Day Run was held on Yom Sheshe (Friday) morning. Men, women and children of all ages including women in conception, as well as mothers pushing babies in strollers, are all geared up in red and white sports attire to run, jog or fastwalk in 'unity' while chanting praises unto the Yah (God) of Creation.

The terrain was noneother than the mountainous foothills of Judea surrounding the Dimona Community located in the Negev Desert. The Saints and many guests assembled at 7:30am and the run began at 8:00. Despite the early hour, the run took place in the blazing hot morning sun at 32ºC (that's 90ºF)!

At the completion of the run, everyone gathered together and shouted "HalleluYah!" joyously before continuing on the the family Unity softball games. It was truly a sight to behold, and an experience to never forget.

Pictured above: (1) after of the run, the Spiritual Leader Ben Ammi addresses the Brotherhood and, (2) Sisterhood, and YOM runners. Afterwards the Unity softball game featured (3) Ahtur Ahvraham pitching to Morah Marninah, a grandmother, and then (4) to his own abbah Nasik (Prince) Gavriel HaGadol-a great-granfather and formidable slugger; (5) Sar (Minister) Elyahkeem--the celebrated first Hebrew citizen of Israel (click here to read story) is up to bat; (6) the drum section relaxes in the shade and keeps the crowd lively with Edenic rhythm.

Unique to this year will be the 'Return to Eden' theme for the Divine Cuisine Exhibit and tasting, which will feature live foods and fruit dishes made with both fresh and dehydrated foods. The concept to envision is how will we be eating 40 years from now, and the foods prepared for the Cuisine will demonstrate dishes towards optimal health to add the Community's already established 40+ years of vegan recipes.

On Erev Shabbaht (the eve of the Holy Sabbath, Friday evening), there will be a Unity Day Shabbaht service, and the Unity Day Conference on the Shabbaht day (Saturday).

Unity Day week will include:
-a Kingdom Sounds Concert featuring artists and original songs from the Community
-National Farm Day
-Kingdom Outdoor Theater
-the Unity Day Cuisine Presentations
-various Cultural Exhibits
-the Unity Day Prayer
-Unity Day proper, which will include
uniformity in entity dress,
the Unity Day Brunch
Fun and Games
Ministerial Awards Presentations
Unity Day Parade Presentations
the Unity Day Closeout Ball
Awards Ceremony
Divine Miseebah (party)

At the close of the festivities will be the family outing for all family members to enjoy.

Please stay tuned to KNN for Unity Day coverage. Yah Khai!!! (Yah Lives!!!)


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Highly inspired these are great news to my living soul. There cant be any alternative than holiness Yah khai. Keep on moving you are the model society. Many will come smiling and many regretting for the time wasted.

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