Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shana Tovah: Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year and a Blessed Holy Day Season
The Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem

The Prophetic Priesthood sends divine seasons greetings to all of the families of the Earth seeking truth and harmonizing with life.

All over the world conscious people are celebrating the new years arrival as of sunset 25 March 2009 according to the Lunar /Hebraic cycle.

As the spring brings with it much anticipated joy and expectation we can also witness the blossoming of plants and the budding of trees as an eternal testimony of new life acknowledging the New Year.

“This month shall be unto you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you.”
Exodus 12:2

“Observe the month of Aviv and keep the Passover unto Yah Yahwah, for in the month of Aviv, Yah Yahwah brought you forth out of Egypt by night.”
Deuteronomy 16:1

"The creator ordered the New Year to begin in a specific season, in harmony with His Holy Will. This season arrives with the first month of the Hebraic calendar (Aviv), which in itself means, “Spring.” This is a time when nature (after the rains) is bringing forth new life everywhere. The accelerated blossoming of the trees and flowers, the increased pleasant songs of the birds and the intensifying warm weather signal the distinctive changes occurring within nature.

In conjunction with these manifestations, spiritually, the sacred seeds (Words of Truth) that were ingested in our minds during the Autumn planting season (Shabaton Zecaron Thruah - Yom Kippur - Succoth) are now in this New Year germinating through energized thought and conceptualization, springing forth into action and creating a new conscious reality for those who were receptive and cultivated these sacred seeds.

To bring further clarity we can study the word “year” according to its Hebraic thought. In Hebrew, “year” is “sha-nah” and means “change, teach, learn, repeat and year.” Sha-nah is a repeated cycle of principle instruction and learning which brings about principal change, suggesting a cyclic return of Yah’s intellectual light and knowledge upon all men bringing forth a new blessed expectation for the Adamic family."
Quote from - The Prophetic Priesthood Holy Day Booklet

Have a Happy New Year and a Blessed Holy Day Season


Anonymous said...

Shanah Tovah the springtime rings
Hebraic New Year the robin red breast sings;
Laws of the universe natural order,
set the spirit in sinc which leads like a rudder.

Challenging anti- life forces of wintertime new year,
How crazy the idea can't the people hear?
New year in the middle winter season,
can't they see that it's to reason?

So Jerusalem Priesthood of the Kingdom of Yah,
set the Laws in order from mountains afar.
Righteous Cycles, seasons and set times,
sap flows through the veins while bluebells chime.

Wake-up discumbabilated fool! fool world,
Down the rivers of indiocy you have been sold!
New year starts in spring from time of old.

Righteous cycles,times and seasons set,
HalleluYah! to the Hebrews, the God of creation they have met. Selah

Anonymous said...

Shana Tova ha kol kasidim!!! YAH has bless us to see and live righteousness in this prophetic time in history! YAH Yahowah is delivering His children out of contemporary Egypt! HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH!!!!!!!! YAH Khai!!!!!!!!!!