Thursday, October 02, 2008

US to Have Military Command Forces in Africa

The head of the new US military command for Africa (Africom) has told the BBC it has "no hidden agenda"
BBC World News

General William Ward said the command would not be used to gain control of African natural resources such as oil.

He also dismissed fears that the US intended to build large military bases on the continent.

Only one country, Liberia, has offered to host Africom, which is coming into full operation at its headquarters in the German city of Stuttgart.

General Ward said the location of the headquarters, for its 1,300 military and civilian personnel, was less of a concern, given the size of the African continent.

The BBC's Adam Mynott says the creation of Africom is a recognition by the US that Africa and security issues on the continent are now a priority.

It reflects concerns about tackling Islamist extremism, securing oil supplies, and countering Chinese influence in Africa, he says.

But its creation has been met with considerable scepticism, our correspondent says.



Matanah Baht Yisrael said...

...the most subtle beast in the field...

Ahkote Matanah - Chicago

tifaeny said...

I wonder if US troops want the War to end because you don't never here one (Human Being) say what's on their minds. I wonder if they know that somebody is playing chess with the Lives of the
Children of the Universe

I'm a cashier and I like to ask people questions especially while ringing them up so a dude in an Army uniform came through my check out & he was asked the following?

How does it feel to have a Job were you just can't walk off the

What about the 10 commandments?

Do you know what the story is concerning the Dollar Bill?

He smiles and says
Your a funny lady, my reply
No UR the funny one, you don't even own your life, my brotha.

He stairs at me as he leaves
the next customer says
Hay man she's got a point?
U all messed up, can't quit ya Job, got 2 were an outfit that looks like tiny little microchips
Hay man try to enjoy the
rest of your day.
This is one of many
Real life stories happening everyday on Planet Earth

A place ruled by Men and their rules of how life should be, I wonder if the wicked ever heard of the story about LIGHT always finding it's way into Darkness

But don't worry be Happy